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Find Your Bell - A Christmas Puppet Show!

The Sooriya Village Performance Series in collaboration with Power of Play is proud to present,

  • The Sooriya Village, No. 49, Skelton Road, Colombo 5

The Sooriya Village Performance Series in collaboration with Power of Play is proud to present, "Find Your Bell"by Kumudu De Silva

6.30-7.30pm, Saturday 8th December 2018 @ Sooriya Village (#49, Skelton RD, Colombo 00050)

Tickets: LKR 1000/-. Free seating - all participants require tickets. Please be in your seats by 6.15pm. As space is limited, please book your tickets by calling 0112552666. 

Synopsis: Rolly is a baby snail who feels very small and unimportant- but is he really? Come and find out how special Rolly really is - and how much his friends and family love him. Kumudu delightfully simplifies social and emotional learning skills essential for children through simple tales that highlight the power of positivity- and how we are all truly capable of achieving what we want.

Brought to life by an interactive puppet show from Power of Play PVT LTD

Language(s): English/Sinhala

Ideal age group - For families with children aged 3-10 years

TICKETS OUT SOON! Please email us on for more information!

A section on Books and the framework based on which the books were written“Find Your Bell” is the first books of a series of books written by Kumudu De Silva. The book series contains 40 books each of which is a beautiful blend of the science of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and the art of story-telling. The objective of the book series is to provide children an early start in understanding and managing their emotions. The understanding of their own emotions will enable the children to set and achieve positive goals for themselves, make responsible decisions, show empathy towards others and thereby establish and maintain positive relationships.

A section on the Author Kumudu is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner who had conducted a lot of research, studied different mindfulness practices, gathered literature in child psychology and had been publishing SEL content for Children from 2016. 

Kumudu’s books have been approved at the Ministry of Education of Sri Lanka as certified library books for schools. “Find your bell” once had been ranked among the 10 best-selling books in children’s self-help book category in Amazon.comKumudu has signed up with the little hears foundation from September 2018. 15% of the sales price of each of Kumudu’ s books would be donated to “Little Hearts“foundation.A section on “Find your bell “

The story of “Find your bell” is about Rolly; a baby snail who feels very small and unimportant. As the story unfolds Rolly realizes that he tends to forget what he is very good at, instead keeps on thinking what he is not so good at and feels sad most of the time. Later, Rolly understands that there is uniqueness in everyone and that it is the best to be himself in his own way. 

The story is brought to life by an interactive puppet show by Power of Play PVT LTD. Founded by Sulochana Dissanayake in 2011, Power of Play has broken down barriers and entertained audiences via art forms with universal appeal, cultural diversity and a rich history.A section on “Why the books were converted for interactive puppet shows?

It is our observation that the children tend to forget what we say to them, but they never forget how we make them feel. Hence, the books had been converted to interactive puppet shows and storytelling sessions to make the children “feel” the key messages in the storybooks.


Find Your Bell - A Christmas Puppet Show!

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