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Fuse It

AOD students are exhibiting their take on Dutch words borrowed by the Sinhalese language at the DBU. We're excited.

  • 114, Reid Avenue, Colombo 07

Event Starts

14 November, 2015 at 10 AM

Event Ends

14 November, 2015 at 5 PM

Entrance Fees


The Academy of Design (AOD) has got its Graphic Design students exhibiting work with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Sri Lanka & Maldives and we think the concept is super cool. They're going to interpret how the Dutch influenced the Sinhala language.

Linguistically, this phenomena is known as loan words. This takes place when a new object is introduced to a people. There is no word for it, and so, the word is borrowed from the culture that introduced it. Ketalaya (derived from ketel in Dutch), koppaya (derived from kopje) and Artapal (derived from aardappel) are some of words they've picked out.

Each designer will select a Sinhala word of Dutch origin and design a series of posters depicting the word in both languages and an image of its meaning. All the posters will be exhibited at the Dutch Burgher Union on the 14th of November freely available to the public.

Fuse It

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