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Kuweni - Live in Concert - CMB 2020

"Kuweni Live in Concert"

  • Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre

"Kuweni Live in Concert" – a cinematic musical experience made its first phenomenal display on the 3rd October 2019 with an enigmatic pioneering approach and flavor to extend Cinematic Musical entertainment of Sri Lanka with sensational success at Nelum Pokuna headed by Charitha Attalage. Second Concert was also held at an even more successful dimension where the tickets got sold within a span of 6 hours. Each the concert was a gift to only 1300 enthusiastic, fortunate attendees from various demographic locations among a fan-base of millions who awaited to witness the ensemble of the magical creations of the composer/music producer Charitha Attalage and the veteran lyricist Chandrasena Thalangama with performances by top artistes, enhanced by stunning holographic 3D visual effects.With a portfolio of iconic songs such as "Kuweni”, “Nadagam Geeya” “Galana Ganga” "Sandawathiye” that have been established over the last two years, the concert accomplished a novel chapter by bringing synergetic and unique team effort by the Lankan talent in regards to 3D visuals, sounds, and musicality. Now the team has extended their arms towards live music and 3D visuals, and plans to take the next big step by initiating the “Kuweni Live in Concert” series around Sri Lanka and reaching out to music enthusiasts.

Kuweni - Live in Concert - CMB 2020

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