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Yanni In Sri Lanka

  • Sugathadasa Stadium, Colombo 14
In 2011, Yanni stopped in the Sri Lankan airport for a few hours. It was a full on news event. Now he's actually coming on April 20th, at Sugathadasa Stadium.

The event is listed on his website and we called event organizer AKG Events to confirm. The maestro is on his way.

Note that ticket prices and how they'll be sold haven't been decided yet. The organizer said that would be disclosed within the week, which should be tomorrow (Friday the 14th).

UPDATE: Tickets will be available starting at 4 PM on March 22nd from the Hilton. They will not be sold online.

The prices are:

Free Seating: Rs. 5,000 - 8,500 Gold: 12,500 Platinum: 17,500
Yanni In Sri Lanka

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