Artwork for U Pay Oct 2018


YAMU is hiring at the moment, if you'd like to get in touch please send a coherent email and CV to Right now we're hiring for

Restaurant Agents

You visit Colombo restaurants and signs them up for our upcoming food delivery service. You also maintain relationships with restaurants and make sure that the delivery experience for everyone is excellent. Specifically, your job involves:

  1. Building a client base in the restaurant industry and signing them up for food delivery
  2. Conducting software demos and helping onboard staff to the technical system
  3. Collecting, updating and ensuring the access of restaurant menus
  4. Being responsible for incoming customer orders for the restaurants you manage
  5. Maintaining relationships with restaurants
  6. Carrying out branding and marketing activities
  7. Delivering reports and analysis

The ideal candidate would be trilingual and have a hard-working attitude above all. You don't need a particular education or experience, but it is a sales job, so try to sell yourself by

  1. Writing a solid email that explains who you are
  2. Including a CV

We're looking for people who are talented, self-motivated and generally nice to be around. Job roles often overlap, so if you don't fit one specific role but have a lot to offer, send us your details.