Cheers to The Great Indian Roast at Bombay Borough.

By Hashini Pathirana

We are all here for a short time and definitely for a happy time. Bombay Borough has mastered the art of keeping their customers happy and content by curating seasonal menus of joy. The Great Indian Roast is yet another special edition of their seasonal menu fiesta, celebrating the magical history of Kebabs, originating from Turkish cuisine, and popularized by Mughals of India. “Progressive Roasts, Grills and Cocktails reimagined with a modern touch” is what this menu takes pride of.


Walking into an enchanting ambience of colors and vibes, the manager at Bombay Borough, Manir Khan, welcomed us into this beautiful dining experience that we were yet to witness, with quite a chat about road tripping and an insight of his life in India. Try to close your eyes and imagine; The bright light shades blinking out of cane lanterns hanging down, a monumental collection of artifacts and porcelain pieces laid back to a great wall of their own, array of moments from India framed to please thou eyes, and sighting an exotic display of spirits and flavors, Yes, this is the heavenly ambience at Bombay Borough you get to exploit while fine dining your favorite Indian Roast, hot hot out of the grill!

Not to forget, their music playlist is way beyond Indian!


Quite frankly, the hot water we requested took about 3 reminders, probably because of a full house of guests at the time.  We would also suggest the team to be quite more thorough with the menu and its inclusions as we witnessed few inconsistencies with what is on the menu vs what was actually served to us. All in all, the service was quite great but could do even better with quick timing and quick wit.


On Bombay Boroughs’ new seasonal menu , Drinks come first and then the food. As the menu serves its purpose, the Great Indian Roast highlights their finely crafted Cocktails and holds options of “Pauwas” and “Bombay Borough Signatures”, each option being unique to each other and includes two perfectly blended (or rather shaked) cocktails in each. 

1. The Spiced Saffron G&T (Gin & Tonic)

Out of the Bombay Borough Signature Cocktails, got us swaying with one sip all thanks to the kashmiri saffron infused Gin with literally a cherry on top (cherry infused ice) and a balanced mix of tonic, juniper berries and flavor of Star Anise. 

2. Shikanji Tequila

  • We tried both options of “Pauwas”, starting with Shikanji Tequila, even Indian by its name and by its flavors too. You are definitely in for a twist of Masala and Mint with this thick and juicy Cocktail as it balances off the flavorful Chaat Masala very well with the sweet and sour lemon infusion. Mint tops it off by adding the freshness it very much needs. Tequila is the hidden ingredient of this mix and pops up in your palette after a few seconds of your sip and rests in there for a while.

3. Red Fort-ified

Our next try at the Cocktails, was a lifesaver indeed. Being a Vodka based Cocktail, it was more towards the sweet end as it is called out to be an Apple infused Vodka and also includes Cranberry Juice. Glass is served to us with Muddled Watermelon in it and the Cocktail liquid comes in a quarter sized bottle, having to pour it over into the glass. The palette was happy and so were we. 

  • The “Pauwas” were priced at LKR 1850 each and the “Bombay Borough Signatures” were priced at LKR 2050 each. 


1. Ghee Roast Chicken Seekh

In an opportunity of underlining the integrity of this seasonal menu, all dishes included in it were served to our table hot hot out of the grills. We laid our hands firstly on the Ghee Roast Chicken Seekh, commonly known as the Seekh Kebabs, which was worth all the hype this menu was about. “It’s spicy”; the true first impression on it, but the flavor of curry leaves flowing into the palette along with it, talked us into another bite and then another. 

The Seekh Kebabs were coated with Banana Crisp and came along with a Coconut Chutney, to dip and dig in. These Ghee Roast Chicken Seekhs tasted so much better with the Chutney, no doubt. Garnished with Pickled and Non-Pickled Onion both alike, our definite favorite (not) was the pickled onion. The minced chicken mixture inside the Seekh was rich in Masala, and the dish overall with the chutney and garnishing served an authentic Indian (Punjabi) touch. 

Priced at LKR 2850/=

2. Chargrilled Cauliflower

Next up, we moved to trying a Vegetarian option on the menu, The Chargrilled Cauliflower. First bite of this Bombshell took us on a trip to a familiar and strong palette of Onion and Garlic, obviously because of the roasted onion and garlic cream coated on the Cauliflower.  

Cauliflower was grilled to perfection, not too hard and not too soft, presenting a well balanced texture. We absolutely loved the Pickled Green Chilli and the Peanut Thokku that came along on top of the Cauliflower with it as pastes/sauces. As per my view, the Peanut Thokku was more of a Masala infused Peanut Sauce, added to enhance the savor of Cauliflower, on a sweeter end. This dish was one of our definite favorites.

Priced at LKR 2050/=

3. Mustard Grilled Cottage Cheese

Honey mustard rubbed cubes of Cottage Cheese (Paneer in Indian Vocabulary), grilled and assorted into a plate with Tomato Relish (quite spicy) and garnished with Garden green chutney. Dipping a slice of Cottage Cheese in the Tomato Relish and the Chutney would give you the perfect bite of it, but we preferred if there was Naan Roti or a portion of Rice to go with it, as the Cottage Cheese itself was too flavorful. 

A savory Butter Masala is what this Cottage Cheese tasted like the most, however, we could taste the Garden Green Chutney more strongly than the taste of Cottage Cheese as the chutney included an aroma of Coriander, topping off other flavors too.Grilling the cottage cheese has taken an impressive turn on the dish as the texture of it was neither too thick nor too soft.

Must say, the slices/cubes of Cottage Cheese served is quite too big for one person, so this dish could be shared among two average diners if you are not a heavy eater. 

Priced at LKR 2200/=

4. Citrus Fish Tikka

Fish is not an option that you find commonly available in most Indian restaurants. But, Bombay Borough has gone beyond their comfort zones to make sure this seasonal menu includes everything from Vegetarian options to Chicken and now even Fish. 

This dish brought in many flavors to our palette, all in the right way, and was made to honor the authentic Tikka flavor. Tikka is a way of preparing meat by marinating in spices and Yogurt. Hence, the fish was well marinated with more than enough time, and spices were well caught even in the insides. With one round of slicing the fish, it was falling off the bone, with the fish being cooked in perfect timing, with a smooth texture to it. Yet, we would have enjoyed it even more, if a portion of rice was offered with it. A portion of steaming hot rice COULD HAVE been the best companion for this saporous and thick gravy of Citrus Fish Tikka. 

Priced at LKR 2650/=

5. Butter Chicken Wings

Not your ordinary Butter Chicken fellas! For the ones who are lazy to finely cut big chunks of Chicken, this is your ideal way of eating Butter Chicken. Kudos to the creator of this dish for thinking out of the box, and making our lives in fine dining easier. Surrounded by a thick Butter Chicken gravy, the pieces were topped with Pickled Onion and Herbs. It is served to you with a portion of Chilli Garlic Naan and a Spicy Coriander Chutney. Unfortunately, we had to give a quick reminder for the garlic naan as it was not served to us in the one instance. And we are still waiting for that Spicy Coriander Chutney.

Wings were quite tender and juicy, with Butter Chicken gravy filled even in the insides of the meat. A quick thought that crossed our minds was that it could have been better if they had served Plain Naan or Butter Naan instead of Chilli Garlic Naan. And we have a reason for it;

Chilli Garlic Naan was well cultured with garlic flavor and was itself strongly flavored. On the other hand, Butter Chicken is known for its savoring taste. When two strongly flavored dishes come together, your palette gets quite confused and thus, would not make a great impression after. 

However, Chilli Garlic Naan, as a separate dish, was quite arousing and was cooked crispy and crunchy. We didn’t just try it out only with Butter Chicken wings, but also dipped bites and pieces in other dishes too, to explore all kinds of delicacies that were on the table. Butter Chicken Wings served the native New Delhi flavor of Butter Masala, marinated in a spiced Tomato and Butter sauce and through this, Chefs at Bombay Borough have guaranteed to give the true deliciousness of the  North Indian Cuisine.  

Priced at LKR 2350/=

6. Spiced Peanut Chicken Tikka

We tried out yet another Tikka dish, but this time around with Chicken. The chefs at Bombay Borough have played very well with flavors, not only from the Indian cuisine, but from American, South East Asian and even European cuisines, to make this seasonal menu, a one worth the experience. Peanuts and Peanut flavor is native to the Western Hemisphere and is most commonly found in South America. The infusion of Peanut into an Indian Chicken Tikka dish, should have definitely been an idea of a mastermind. Or rather, a Masterchef.

Served in a sizzling pan, just out of the grill, hands down, the best dish out of all that we tried. This well marinated chicken tasted quite similar to the taste of Seekh Kebabs we tried earlier. We kept this dish to try at last, so we can cleanse our palettes with a bit of spice and trust me, that was a very well taken decision, because the dish itself was arousing our palettes. Native Tikka spices running down my taste buds with a confusing tang of Peanut,and the chunks of Chicken been bitten softly to extract that extra flavor, while also figuring out that Coriander leaves in it, makes it taste even better; I rest my case here, announcing Spiced Peanut Chicken Tikka as the best seller of The Great Indian Roast. 

Priced at LKR 2850/=


1. Amritsari Kulfa

For desserts, we went on with Staff’s recommendation, the Amritsari Kulfa. 

Personally, this girl is a big fan of Kulfi, the Indian form of Ice Cream. This dish was prepared based on Kulfi, but infusing the sweet and creamy Rabdi, which is a dish made of condensed milk, spices and nuts. A treat of Badam (Almonds) on top, with Falooda and a hint of Rose Syrup on the sides; I see you drooling already! 

The sweetness, the texture, the flavors, and this fusion itself proves as to why this is the best recommendation of dessert we got from the staff!

Fact: The dessert are not included in The Great Indian Roast menu, but was recommended to us off the main menu at Bombay Borough.

Priced at LKR 1450/=

The Great Indian Roast is definitely fun oriented, seeing how the creators of these dishes have well played with the flavors, fusions, colors, garnishing and even presenting. Tis’ the season to try out this seasonal menu, while the good thing lasts! 

So ladies and gentlemen, put your glasses together and make a toast for 

“The Great Indian Roast”!

Instagram : 

Facebook : Bombay Borough Colombo


L1, One Galle Face Mall, Colombo – Galle Main Rd, Colombo

Opening Hours:

12 pm – 11 pm Daily

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