Pizza Napolitana (Moratuwa).

Pizza Napolitana drew our initial attention for their entertaining, vintage-style social media posts, and later on, the nai miris-packed slices. Started off as a tiny pizzeria in Boralesgamuwa, they recently opened their second outlet, in the suburbs of Moratuwa.
It's a bigger space, with better seating capacity, and serves up tasty thin-crust pizzas that they're well known for. 

The Pizzas

We were super eager to try the Black Pork Pizza, which, unfortunately, wasn't available on the day we visited. Nonetheless, we decided to try some of the other toppings.

This pizza is comprised of half Meat Lovers (Rs. 1750, half Rs. 875) and half Pepperoni (Rs. 1600, half Rs. 800). 

The crust was thin, wonderfully crispy, and well-charred up; not in a way that it interrupts the other flavours. Covering that, there was a mildly spicy secret sauce, followed by a thick layer of good quality mozzarella, and on top of that, meats – a lot of it.

The Meat Lovers pizza was a medley of bacon, seasoned minced pork and grilled chicken, which created a juicy, smoky, meaty feel at every bite. They use Australian beef pepperoni for the Pepperoni pizza, along with a drizzle of olive oil. Incredible!

This pizza is full of chicken. It's part Grilled Chicken (Rs. 1450, half Rs. 725), part Spicy Chicken With Herbs (Rs. 1600, half Rs. 800). 

Both of the toppings were well executed. The Grilled Chicken half was packed with smoky bits of grilled chicken, and a handful of spring onions. Spicy as promised, the Spicy Chicken half was loaded with well-seasoned minced chicken and olives. So good!

They will toss in any amount of nai miris as per your request.

Ambience & Service

They offer an outdoor seating space, comprised of cement chairs and tables, facing Mendis Lane, Moratuwa. However, we highly suggest placing the orders in advance, and opting for takeout rather than dine-in, especially if you need parking. The salon next to the restaurant has a small parking space, but it's not a good option if you want to stay for a while. You also have the option to park down the lane.  

The staff was quite friendly. They were swarming with orders, so it took about 30 – 40 minutes for them to get our food ready. To appreciate our patience, they offered us a bottle of soft drink on the house.


From what we gathered, Pizza Napolitana is planning to open another branch in Kottawa too, while launching in-house delivery. They're arguably the best pizzeria in this vicinity and does not do a number on your wallet too. 

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