The Pudding Stop.

If you have a sweet tooth and just can’t wait for a sugary fix, The Pudding Stop  is the newest place to call. They specialize in chocolate biscuit puddings with a little twist to the traditional mix.

The Puddings

There’s a variety of interesting chocolate biscuit puddings, topped off with strawberries, dark chocolate, KitKat, and chocolate chips. There’s also the regular traditional biscuit pudding (Rs. 325) if you want to play it safe.

You can’t really go wrong ordering this one. It’s sweet (a bit too much so for our liking), but tastes exactly like what you would expect it to taste — the chocolate biscuit puddings your aunties or mom would make for a family gathering. It’s nostalgic to say the least, with soggy layers of biscuit between the chocolate cream and drizzled with cashews, this is the perfect take on the classic choco biscuit pudding.

We tried out one of their premium range items — the Dark Fantasy (Rs. 375) —  ‘made with dark chocolate ganache topping in between layers of biscuits and dusted with chocolate shavings’.

Not as sweet and, personally, a much better option than the Classic, there’s a slightly bitter tinge to it and the rich flavour of dark chocolate. There’s just enough sweetness to go by, and the dark chocolate flakes sprinkled across the top in this case contrasted well with the creamy layers within.

They also have KitKats on the list, so next up was the KitKat Whopper, priced at Rs. 425. Soft biscuits, cream, and small chunks of crushed KitKats were what made up the layers in this one.

While their pudding is spot on, the KitKat had lost its crunch. The wafers weren’t crispy and what you would call ‘fresh’. It was rather soggy (the ones sprinkled on top, we mean). This could improve in that sense, but it’s not bad overall.


Just pop them a Facebook Message, or call them up at 077 609 3321. You have to pick it up, but they deliver for a certain fee. An hour’s notice is enough to place the order, usually. I think it’s even less if all you’re getting is the Classic. Just buzz them up.


The puddings are exactly what a chocolate biscuit pudding should be like, and all three we tried were consistent in terms of quality and the base flavour. The biscuits were well soaked, and the cream was done well (albeit a tad too sweet in the Classic version), with their dark chocolate option topping the rest. The prices are reasonable as well, given that it’s in the 300 – 400 range.

Give it a go.

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