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7 Weekend Recommendations (June 22nd)

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If you are in Colombo this weekend, traveller or local, visiting the the city and wondering where to eat, here’s a list of places for you to try out.

The Embazzy
No. 76/1, Flower Road, Colombo 7.

The Embazzy is a cozy, handsome bistro serving one of the better coffees in town. They have an interesting menu with multi-cuisine options like South African fast food, Chinese fried rice, Jamaican jerk chicken burger and Australian Parma. Aside from that, they have the usual like pasta, waffles, risotto, fish and chips and of course, all day breakfast. We highly recommend the Eggs Benedict (Rs. 1400), which is also one of their biggest-sellers. The eggs were well done with a splendidly runny yolk, and garnished with freshly crushed black pepper and gooey hollandaise sauce. Loaded with a generous amount of mozzarella and nai miris, their Kochichi Cheese Toast (Rs. 350) is a top notch. We loved their Cafe Mocha (Rs.460), that had the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate, and the delicious White Hot Chocolate (Rs. 490) that any white chocolate lover would crave. The place itself is spacious and the ambience gives a unique atmosphere of being inside a colonial house with modern furnishing.


Napoli Artisan Pizza
4 Rohini Rd, Wellawatte

If you’re around Wellawatte area and in a mood for some good, thin-crust, wood-fired pizza, this is a good place to drop in. It is not as good as Giovanni’s (obviously!) but a close second. Their Cheesy Four (Rs. 1700) is a great combination of blue cheese, mozzarella, cheddar and goat cheese, on top of the golden crispy crust. Also, they’ve got some excellent Bruschetta (Rs. 450) that comes with fresh and juicy tomatoes, complemented by olives, cheese, and the ideal amount of basil seasoning.

506, Havelock Rd, Colombo 05

This is THE place for chocolate lovers. Chocoholics is dedicated to making everything a whole lot more chocolatey. Their Mixed Fruit Pancake (Rs. 1200) is particularly good, and it comes with a stack of fluffy and golden pancakes drizzled with warm melted chocolate. As for drinks, we recommend the Coffee Cooler (Rs. 599), which is a great drink with a hint of coffee and a whole lot more chocolate milk. In terms of ambience, it's a two-story building painted in different shades of brown with matching wooden tables and comfy chairs. They have an open kitchen so you can easily observe how everything is made.

47 Thimbirigasyaya Rd, Colombo 5

If you’re looking for some great Moroccan food in town, Tagine is just the place to be. Aside from their tagines, their menu is a mix of food from different regions. We absolutely loved their Malsouka (Rs. 420), stuffed with chunks of tuna, olives, and diced vegetables - all infused with a delightfully sour sauce. The Beef Tagine (Rs. 780) is another great dish, that comes with large nuggets of tender, well-cooked beef, an assortment of seasonal vegetables and the richest beef gravy we've had in quite some time. They also do a mean Arabic Coffee (Rs. 350) with strong hits of cardamom and clove. The decor is a bit random, but the service and hearty, tasty good make up for it.


Jolly's Ice Cream (Dehiwala)
147, Galle Road, Arpico Super Center, Dehiwala

Jolly's Ice Cream serves up some really nice ice cream with a super authentic Sri Lankan touch. Priced at Rs. 180 a scoop, Jolly’s Ice Cream offers a wide range of flavours. Their Kiri Kopi ice cream has the classic taste of the typical Sri Lankan kiri kopi, which is simply brilliant. It’s definitely one of the most Sri Lankan ice creams we’ve come across. Also, if you liked those two rupee bubblegums that we used to gorge on when we were kids, you’ll love Jolly’s Bubblegum ice cream because that's exactly what it tastes like. Apart from the monthly specials, they’ve got around 22 regular flavours that you can taste at their outlets in Battaramulla and Dehiwala.

Krua Thai by Dao
618, Galle Rd Kollupitiya, Colombo 3

Founded by Mrs. Dao, Krua Thai by Dao offers a range of food from Thailand’s street food culture. Their Tom Yum Goong soup is superb, and it comes with an assortment of prawns, cuttlefish and chopped veg. We also recommend their Chicken Pad Thai (Rs. 650). While the noodles were oozing with stock and peanut sauce, it had plenty of boiled, but extremely well marinated chicken. Their Thai Iced Tea (Rs. 200) is a full glass seeping with pure saccharine. The place is fairly small with adequate seating, but keep in mind that they're a street food joint, so it isn't fair to them to walk in expecting a 7 star ambience.


Honey Beach Club (The Kingsbury Hotel)
The Kingsbury Hotel, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 01

With the lovely al fresco setting, dancey vibes and a big new menu, Honey Beach Club at Kingsbury hotel is a pretty good call for a weekend tipple. They’ve got a range of good signature cocktails like Honey Beach Crush (Rs. 990), and Honey's Flower Crush (Rs. 990). Their pizza menu is pretty interesting (which is also available for delivery), and the Tuscan Pesto Chicken and Bacon pizza (Rs. 1800) is particularly great. The guests can also use the pool while there, which gives Honey that perfect sexy pool party vibe the city needs.

There you have it. Have yourself a great weekend!

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