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A Guide to Find Seoul Food in CMB

A list of the best places in Colombo to get Korean food.

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The Korean food scene in Colombo isn't the biggest. But, we do have a bunch of places we can definitely turn to when we're in a dire need of Bibimbap ASAP.

The Bibim
No: 71/A Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Himi Mawatha, Colombo 05

The Bibim is a fairly new restaurant in Colombo that is Seoulely dedicated to serving bibimbap, fried chicken and not much else. Don't get us wrong, we're not complaining. What they do, they do it well. With super fresh veggies and some fantastic sauce, they managed to serve up some of the best bibimbap we've ever had to date.

Dae Jang Geum
No. 07, 6th Ln, Colombo 03

With a picture perfect K-drama type atmosphere, the ambience at Dae Jang Geum was one of our favourite things about this place. Our favourite parts also included the Doenjang Soup and the bowl of broth that was served on the side of the Bibimbap. Packed with flavour and served in giant quantities, this place will sure satisfy your Korean food cravings. 

Kang's Kitchen
28/1 Horton Pl, Colombo 00700

Kang's Kitchen is one of the oldest ones on our list. Most of you probably know it as Seoul. The food here is brilliant and the staff, quite possibly even better. We suggest getting Kimchijigae, which comes with so much flavour bubbling in a giant bowl. 

Han Gook Gwan
25 Havelock Road, Colombo 5

The best part about Korean Cuisine is that some restaurants offer the option of cooking your own food. Which is precisely what Han Gook Gwan is known for. While we would advise you to stay away from the Japanese fare in this particular restaurant, we positively insist that you give the Cuttlefish and Pork Mixed In Chili Paste a shot - it was dope. 

KBQ Korean Barbecue
Jinadasa Niyathapala Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

Ayy, KBQ became famous for being the cheaper, less oily version of KFC with that bright red spicy sweet sauce as an added bonus. But, what most of us don't know is that they have a whole bunch of other options you can go with if you don't want Fried Chicken. So, the next time you're looking for someplace to get Korean fare and whoever your going with doesn't like it, this just might be the place for you. 

Kyung Bok Kung
Juliana Hotel, 316 Galle Road, Kollupitiya, Colombo 3

While we weren't entirely blown away by every other aspect of our visit, Kyung Bok Kung is definitely worth looking out for. Resided inside Hotel Juliana, this one also has a DIY style cooking setup. 

Hancook Kitchen
501/1/A New Kandy Rd, thalangama

This is a gem of a Korean restaurant hidden all the way in Malabe. They do one of the best bibimbaps we've come across, and could you believe it's only Rs. 650? Their Tuna Kimbap is superb too and the Fried Chicken doesn't disappoint either. This is definitely your best pick for Korean fare if you live around the said area. 

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