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Best Submarine Places in Colombo

Best places to try out some delicious submarines.

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Submarines are a personal favorite of mine, but although most places serve them these days, not all do it right. We compiled a list of the best submarines you could find in Colombo, which are both delicious and affordable. 

245, High Level Road, Jambugasmulla, Nugegoda

We all know how good LeeSH is, so it probably won't come as a shock to anyone when I say their subs are one of the best out there. The portions are just the right amount to fill you up without giving you a massive food baby. They have different options like chicken, and tuna etc. as well as one vegetarian option. Thr prices range between Rs. 400-600. 

Subway (Rajagiriya)
No. 49/1, Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha, Ethul Kotte, Rajagiriya

The best thing about Subway is its customization. You can pick any filling and any bread and make yourself your own submarine. The veggies are always fresh so you get a nice crunch to it and you have quite a different flavours to choose from, which is great. If you're unsure about what to get, we highly recommend the Chicken Pizziola (Rs. 590) with tomatoes and lettuce with mozzarella cheese along with some sweet chilli sauce. So good! The subs I've tried have been consistently good, but the prices are a little on the higher end compared to other places, but still worth it. Also, try their cookies. They're to die for!

Dinemore (Marine Drive)
Marine Drive, Colombo 6

Dinemore is probably your first choice when you think about subs, and for good reason. Their portions are huge, the prices are incredibly affordable and they have been consistently good with the quality of their subs. I do have to mention that they put a lot of mayo and ketchup in their subs which can be overwhelming at times. They have chicken (Rs. 460), spicy chicken (Rs. 470), beef (Rs. 470), devilled beef (Rs. 510), shrimp (Rs. 500), tuna (Rs. 470), and vegetable (Rs. 410) subs available. Their most popular is the cold tuna sub so it's a solid choice if you haven't tried it before. Their service is not always the best, but it differs from one outlet to another. I've never had a bad experience at the Marine Drive outlet. 

Royal Burger
314 D, Havelock Road, Colombo 5

Royal Burger is another great spot to grab some delicious burgers and subs. They have Chicken (Rs. 450), Crispy Chicken (Rs. 460) and Beef (Rs. 470) for you to choose from. The fillings are delicious, the bun itself has a slight crunch to it, and will leave you wanting more. 

Paan Paan Sandwich Bar
6B Alfred House Road, Colombo 03

We love the subs at Paan Paan, especially the classics. The Spicy Chicken Submarine (Rs. 480) has an excellent bun, airier than a ciabatta and the fillings whichconsists of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and mustard etc. Altogether, they make up for one mouthwatering sub. Aside from that, they also have Teriyaki Chicken, Smoked Beef, Tuna, Cheese & Tomato and Grilled Veggie. 

Burgers Hut
Allen Avenue, Dehiwala (Opposite Nawalanka Food City)

If you ever find yourself at Burgers Hut, try their Chicken Sub (Rs. 400). Heavens! That's a lot of chicken. The filling is so huge that it was literally falling from the sides. The bun was tasty too. Totally worth it.

Sugar Bistro & Wine Bar
89 Galle Road, Crescat Boulevard (adjacent to the Cinnamon Grand Hotel), Kollupitiya

Sugar Bistro at Crescat does an excellent Meatball Sub (Rs. 750).  It's on the pricier side of course, but it's a good choice if you ever find yourself dining there. It tastes homemade, with a delicious marinara sauce and loads of melted cheese. I'm not sure if they have this at their other outlets because it's not on the menu online, so better check beforehand if you're planning to go just for this.

Fazly's Halal Refreshment
1, Vellons Passage, Colombo 2

Previously known as Burger's King, Fazly's has been ever so popular for their delicious burgers with the most affordable prices. Their subs aren't any different. Their Pizza Sub (Rs. 650) in particular is something we recommend you try. They also have quite a selection of subs like chicken, tandoori chicken, bbq chicken, and tuna. 

So there you go. To the best of our knowledge, these places have the best submarines in town. Go check them out.

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Avatar for Preveen


Haven't been to LeeSH in ages, good to know they are still doing their thing well. Subway has kinda taken over as my default Sub option these days.
Good list overall.



Recommend cafe by Boo at wijerama as well. Reasonable and good quality too.