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Life without biriyani is a sad one. We've put together a list if you're ever craving for that sweet scented…

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We have the Moghuls and the Persians to thank for this beautiful dish. Many a Lankan has confirmed that biriyani is the apple of their eyes, the love of their lives and we are quick to agree. Here we have compiled a list of well-known establishments that serve up some good biriyani if you're ever craving for that authentic kick.

Spice Coast
39A/1 Marine Drive, Bambalapitiya, Colombo 4

Spice Coast has been serving up biriyani for a while now. They do an authentic Indian biriyani that a lot of people have recommended and if you're in the area out for a lunch date make sure you drop by.

Arabian Knights
379, Galle Road, Kollupitiya, Colombo 03

This was easily the most unique of the bunch. It can barely be called a biryani  but we all still loved it. The rice had a great flavour with the slightly charred flavour of the chicken adding to that. The issue here was that at Rs. 650 for one person, it's nearly Rs. 250 more than the other options, so you could pay a bit more and get 2 from another place. However, if you're tired of the typical take on biryani these guys are a good change.

50, W.A. Silva Mawatha, Colombo 06

Chana's in Wellawatte is a real hidden gem. They found themselves #2 on our samosa list, and now they've gone one better with their biryani. The best way to describe the biryani is that they hit the sweet spot in so many ways. The portion size is ample, the price is reasonable, the rice is fluffy and tasted great (only second to Kandoori), an awesome raita which we added for every mouthful, and the best chicken of the bunch. It just all worked brilliantly together.

Aasife Biriyani
939, Ethul Kotte Road, Sri Jayawardana Pura, Rajagiriya

Aasife Biriyani is the new kid on the block. Though they're relatively new to the scene they still do a good job with their biriyani and their faluda is super interesting as well. If you head on here, be sure to try their chicken 65.

Premium Sudarshan
No 8, Frankfurt Place, Colombo 04

Although they cater to the vegetarians they still serve up some amazing biriyani. You'll find that you don't need any meat because their execution of the rice is absolutely excellent. 

17, Charlemont Road, Wellawatte

Kandoori is still relatively new to the scene and we're glad we gave them a shot. They had a the best rice of all the contenders. The long grain basmati was fragant and seasoned perfectly. Just goes to show what good ingredients will do for you. The chicken was cooked well, but we all agreed that it could have used a bit more seasoning compared to the top 3. That along with a raita addition would have seen them higher on the list.

91, Galle Road, Dehiwala

This is an addition to the list, a new shop on Galle Road in Dehiwala. Their biryani was served with 2 mint chutneys and a raita, with an adequately large piece of chicken. While the chicken was cooked well and tasted pretty great, the rice was what really stood out. The long grain bhasmati was light and fluffy with just the right seasoning and spice. We would happily have eaten just the rice with nothing else.

Pot Biriyani
29, Kadawatha Road, Off Anderson Road, Kalubowila

Pot Biriyani is a small home cookery which specializes in biriyani. Chicken, mutton, prawn, veg. It's takeaway or delivery and it's meant for groups - eight people by default. As the name implies, everything comes in clay pots. You get the usual biriyani pot, kottu pot, pittu baabath pot, even dessert pot. They are nice pots (which you get to keep) and the food inside is excellent.

House Of Biriyani
35A, Temple Road, Kalubowila

House of Biriyani doesn't look to change much from the norm when it comes biriyani preparation. They do, however, offer good value for money, large portion sizes, a good roast chicken and the convenience of delivery.

Mr. Biriyani (Hulftsdorp)
82A, Abdul Hameed Street, Colombo 12

Good biriyani for great prices. It's nice eaten hot-hot, but if you want nicer environs, you could get take out. 

Remember to chug lots of faluda while indulging. Happy biriyani-ing!

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Come on guys…you've been told this time and time again…yet again none of the traditional Bhai biriyani's have been featured…You've failed to mention Abbas Bhai, Saifudeen, razzak Bhai, Miami and Galle Caterers (which is a more inferior mainstream version of it)…all these guys are now hired by all the main 5 star city hotels for their wedding catering….Quality biriyani doesn't necessarily need come from posh mainstream outlets, that have English Names with tech savvy marketing that churn them for retail customers…there are so many hidden gems u guys just arent tapping….raise ur game



Agreed, there is a place at Slave Island , I think it is one of the best. Not the posh kinda place, you need to order 2 or 3 days before, if they have a catering order on the particular day, they will accept the order. Simply divine, I have heard people around him saying he is the man behind the some of the finest Briyanis at the leading star hotels in Colombo. On festival days you should see the crowd… But the quantity will be low on such days due to the demand, on other days will be enough for 8. All these so called Briyani outlets should taste him once.



Name of the owner or the shop? Or the location? Keen on finding this place.



The access won't be that easy given the narrow roads, but it is in the Stewart St in Slave Island. Anybody there can direct you to the spot. Go and give a try, it worth all your effort.


Singhaputra Gamini

Yamu is funded by Saudi money. This is why they try to undermine the sinhala culture by various muslim dishes. They employ muslim people. They think ah wattalappam this that is great . Where is the post about kiribath or Appa? nothing. Always buriyani or some halal thing. It makes me sad.

Avatar for Aisha


Aww Gamini, don't be sad!
Here's the posts on Kiribath (AND lunumiris, bonus, no?) and appa for you. Enjoy! :)


Singhaputra Gamini

Ok so you have written but these posts very old. New ones are all about muslim stuffs. I have no problems with muslims by the way. Just it should not come and take over our culture. Consider sri lanka proportion of muslims and yamu proportion of muslims is very high. So the foods covered are muslim.





Singhaputra Gamini

And also their is Italian food reviews here. It made me angry and my head banged the wall so many times. sri lanka is not Italy. Now my head hurts even more than yesterday

Avatar for Kinita


Adey! Double ouch. Rub with some eau de cologne please.

Avatar for Kinita


Hey Singhaputra Gamini! I've been campaigning for the Saudis to fling some cash our way, then we can finally get the gold plated bathrooms we deserve. No luck so far, we'll just eat some biriyani and cry.



Knita and toilets. Still a better love story than twilight.



What a racist Lunatic this Gamini idiot is……we question the IQ levels of Trump supporters, when we have our very own dimwits….have you even read the other Yamu reviews? they love their pork lol…FUnded by Saudi government lol…this Gamini must have a brain the size of my iPhone earpods


Gracian Balendran

I don't work for Yamu but one thing i know i have a christian friend who works there and there are sure to be staffs of all race and religion represented well. Let's not go down this cheap lane mate, we've had enough for 30 years



what about Buhari?



Used to be good. Now just OK neda?



Where's Maharaja Palace and Indian Summer ?? The best places for indian food out there…


Ray J

that offer authentic traditional range of Indian biryani that’s not available at any other restaurant