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Places that serve burgers

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Burgers are found practically everywhere in Colombo. Here's an updated list of almost all the burger joints we've been to in the last couple of years. Enjoy. 

Burgers Hut
Allen Avenue, Dehiwala (Opposite Nawalanka Food City)

The Burgers Hut menu is basically Burger's King in Dehiwala. They now also offer fried chicken in the form of drumlets, wings and nuggets. Note that a majority of their burger options are chicken-based. All their burgers are priced under Rs. 350, which is great value for money since they're all pretty sizeable and come with a side of fries.

The Commons Coffee House
39A Flower Road, Colombo 7

Commons' has a burger menu chalked up, which has barely ever disappointed. If you're ever in the neighbourhood and find it difficult to decide what you want to settle on (because honestly, their menu's rather vast), just make a beeline for the burgers.

The Sugar Burger Cart
41 1/2 Maitland Cresent, Colombo 7

This one is probably one of the most elusive burger spots in the city, mostly because it's only open on Friday and Saturday nights. After hours of clubbing there's always a fresh-off-the-fire, juicy Sugar burger to look forward to - a beacon of bacon-filled promise shining brightly through the grimy, alcohol-sodden club scene.

No. 120/A, Havelock Road, Colombo 05

Just two burger options at the moment: but their prawn burger is incredibly well made. From home-made buns and patties, the accompanying salad is also delicious.

Bavarian German Restaurant
No. 11 Galle Face Court 2, Colombo 3

Bavarian has long been a haven for Colombo's meat lovers so it's no surprise that they serve up an excellent burger as well. Their double patty beef burger with bacon, onion rings, iceberg lettuce, pickles, cheese, garlic aioli and a fried egg (yup that many things) is both ginormous and delicous.

Cafe Francais by Pourcel
48 Park Street, Colombo 2

Cafe Francais' burger has deeply succulent and tender beef, full of cheese and onion flavor. It is a sizable hunk of meat and it is delicious. The fries are light and airy and it was all cut by the acidity of a simply green salad. Truly an excellent burger.

No. 01 Schofield Pl, Colombo 00300

The Beef, Cheese and Egg Burger (Rs 460) at Acropol is one of my favourite burgers in Colombo. Why? Because it's not super expensive, yet it's got a flavourful, juicy patty. The egg is fried but not overdone, so it's still runny and the yolk runs about making every bite taste rich. The cheese is nothing remarkable, but it definitely does help complete the bite. If this had a layer of pickles going on, it would be amaze. Try this when you're sloshed as it's particularly good as a post-drinks meal.

The Sandwich Factory
10, Palm Grove, Colombo 3

For a variety of burgers and onion rings.

245, High Level Road, Jambugasmulla, Nugegoda

The Teriyaki Burger - great! It had a very light taste of mayo and teriyaki, the crisp piece of chicken between the buns was firm and juicy.

32, Kinross Avenue, Marine Drive, Colombo 6.

Despite non-remarkable food, MB's burger game is strong and we liked them.

The Spicy Burger is quite a fascinating concept that makes Burger's King(/Hut) seem quite generic. With a chicken patty that tastes a lot like a Lankan omelette, there's lots of tang and amu miris flavour going on here.

Zephyr Restaurant & Bar
220/8, Matara Road, Udupila, Mirissa

Our Zephyr burger was really, really good. It cost Rs. 850, and typically comes with a spiced beef patty, crispy bacon and egg (though I skipped the bacon part). The patty is delicious - looking at it you expect it to be heavy, but it's actually wonderfully light and crumbly on the inside. The fries that came with it were good too. We definitely recommend Zephyr if you're in Mirissa and feel like having a burger. 

Wayne's Junction
No. 304/4, Hokandara Road, Thalawathugoda.

Wayne's Junction is a burger place in Thalawathugoda. Judging by our experience here, we suggest maybe choosing somewhere else. 

Burger Hut
126, D.B. Jayathilaka Mawatha (Hill Street), Dehiwala

Not to be confused with Burger's Hut, Burger Hut is a popular family restaurant chain serving a lot more than just burgers. While their Singapore Prawn Fried Rice wasn't the best, they served a pretty good veggie burger. Tip: stick to the burgers on this one. 

Mr Burger
It's right next to the bike shop at Galle Road.

A tiny burger joint in Bambalapitiya, Mr Burger is affiliated to being quite popular. They have very little seating space but they serve some pretty decent burgers to make up for that. We suggest trying out the Quarter Pounder if you're going for a burger with beef and staying away from the Chicken Cordon Bleu. 

Takeout Lanka
House 33A, Dr. Lester James Peiris Mawatha, Dickmans Rd, 00500

Takeout Lanka belongs to a fast food chain from Bangladesh. They didn't have much of a menu when we went. But, their Beef Cheese Delight was definitely a highlight of our visit. Try their Goa Lemon with it. You'll thank us later. 

B for Burgers
S. De S. Jayasinghe Mawatha, Nugegoda

B for Burgers is yet another burger joint in Nugegoda. While they served some pretty decent burgers, we suggest getting it to go because our experience here in terms of the space wasn't the best. However, we do think that you should try the Hot Tower burger here. 

My Burger
No. 244, High Level Road, Nugegoda

My Burger is another roadside burger kade in Nugegoda. While they do serve up some decent burgers, the clear winner in our experience here the Chicken Cheese Kottu. Ironic, we know. 

My Burger

Found on Lilly Avenue in Wellawatte, apart from burgers and subs, they also have rice and curry, noodles and pasta. However, apart from chicken, they don't have any other kinds of meat. We suggest trying the Spicy Chicken Sub. 

Street Burger
34, Ramya Road, Marine Drive, Bambalapitiya

Street Burgers, not the one from New Zealand, is a burger truck down Marine Drive. You'll probably find them between 6 pm and 11 pm. While their burgers, particularly the Hot Rod were quite good, they also had fries which tasted strangely like Pringles. Strange. 

Colombo Fort Cafe (Dutch Hospital)
Dutch Hospital, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 1

Malinthe's favourite place to get a bacon burger, Colombo Fort Cafe also serves up a whole bunch of other dishes apart from the everyday burger. 

The VoV Coffee Lounge
30/81A Longdon place, Malalasekara Mawatha, Colombo 00700

The VoV coffee Lounge is a coffee lounge that focuses mainly on burgers. They've named their burgers after famous celebrities who are vegan (ie: Peter Dinklage, Ellen Degeneres) and given the fact that their food is 100% vegan, it can be judged that their prices are fair. Plus, they serve some pretty good food so, we suggest you check it out.

We'll be updating this list as we find more we like.
If there's any we've missed, let us know!

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ROYAL BURGER's Double Crispy Chicken Burger Best in Town!!!!!



The KGN Burger is really impressive. Good ingredients: Iceberg lettuce, thousand island sauce, a nice slice of cheese, big sesame bun, and a very generous patty. Overall reminds me of the streetside burgers in Malaysia. Many of the other lower priced places go stingy on the ingredients and portions, but not KGN.



You have forgotten one amazing spot, the Gardenia Restaurant at Ramada. Juicy, yummy, out of this world burghers made from scratch.



U guys should have a taste at the Street Cafe, mount, soo awesome food


Thilani Samarasinha

& Co's Dirty Loaded Burger is one of the best I've had in recent times. And I love the fries that come with it!