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Coffee Date Spots In Colombo

16 places for your next coffee date.

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Which one is better, the alcohol buzz or the caffeine-fueled convo?

If it's the latter one that you have in mind - to bond and get to know someone, a coffee date is an enduring classic for a date idea. And you have to pick the right cafe, if you do not want to cut it short after chugging down a couple of espressos. A cafe with good food and coffee (or other drinks), along with welcoming ambience that you can have an intimate conversation, and a lively atmosphere, but not too loud so you won't have to go for a screaming match - would definitely help you to have a successful date. 

So among the gazillion number of cafes in Colombo, here's a list of spots that you can go for it. 

Café La Défense (Bambalapitiya)
No. 10, Kotelawala Avenue, Colombo 04

It's been a couple of years since Café La Défense entered the coffee scene in Colombo. Their branch in Bambalapitiya is basically a house flipped into a restaurant, providing a private and cosy surrounding for your coffee date. The menu here is quite extensive, and affordable too. Make sure you try the sandwiches and get a Ferrero Rush to share, if that's your idea of romance. 

Kopi Kade
15/3, Stratford Avenue, Colombo

Kopi Kade is arguably the best coffee stop in Colombo, and coupled with modern Sri Lankan cuisine both you and your date are in for a treat. The open, simple seating setup is simply stylish, which is in fact, is a part of their charm. 

Whight & Co
Marine Drive and Aloe Avenue, Colombo 3

If your idea of the perfect coffee date involves a great view of the Colombo coastline, and beautiful sunsets, Whight & Co provides it. With some of the best coffee on the island, this one is comprised of two floors, with plenty of space between tables, allowing you to have an intimate conversation. 

Black Cat Café
11, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07.

Black Cat Cafe isn't the most spacious option on this list, but not too shabby for a fine coffee date. Tucked away in a secluded spot down Wijerama Mawatha, it has a very calm and quiet atmosphere, coupled with good coffee, food and minimalistic furniture made out of old Singer sewing machines and sandpaper-smoothened doors.

Cafē Blanca
401, 14E, Malalasekara Mawatha, Colombo 05

Cafē Blanca lies in a cosy nook down Malalsekara Mawatha. Their coffee here has room for improvement, but in terms of food, it's quite great and affordable. As for your coffee date, try the first floor. The noise on the road might bug you a bit but other than that, it's quite nice. 

Villa Raha
33, Macleod Rd, Colombo 04

One of our favourite spots for brunching in Colombo, Villa Raha does brunch all day, every day, and also serves as a fine place for a coffee date. It's a boutique hotel in down Macleod Rd which would make you forget about the hustle and bustle in the city life. Shaded with a massive tree trunk and fully covered with a glass roof, Villa Raha's quaint front yard is where you can have your coffee date. 

Plus Nine Four
No. 35, D S Fonseka Road, Colombo 5.

Hidden away smack down in the middle of the city Plus Nine Four can set up you for a coffee date in an al fresco seating space. The lush greenery will shield you from the heat in Colombo, and having the opportunity to enjoy some good food is a plus too. 

Coffee & Company
37/3, Pedris Road, Colombo 03

As the name suggests, Coffee & Company is made to have a chat over a cup of coffee. Boasting with homely vibes, this one isn't too big, plays some good music, and not too loud - perfect for a date.

The Embazzy
No. 76/1, Flower Road, Colombo 7.

Serving one of the better coffees in town, The Embazzy is a handsome bistro perched down Flower Road. A colonial house converted into a restaurant, this place is calm and quiet at most times, which would make you want to stick around just a little longer. If your date loves sharing a slice of Passion Fruit Cheesecake with a superb cup of Mocha, try this place out. 

Coffee Club
15,Fife Road , Colombo 05

Coffee Club is a new member of the cafe scene in Colombo, replacing Bellissimo Cafe. Dim lighting, smallish space and chilled out vibes - quite nice. 

Tea Avenue (Kollupitiya)
16 Sellamuttu Avenue, Colombo 3

Tea Avenue is one of those places in Colombo that have successfully made themselves appear to be all warm, cosy and basically a picture perfect coffee shop straight out of a magazine. Which is why we're recommending them for your next coffee date. A little bit pricy option though. They craft up a good Mocha, which will make both you and your date happy. 

The Cauldron
68 Stratford Avenue, Colombo 6

Putting Sri Lankan twists on well-loved dishes like their Kochchi Chicken Waffle and whatnot, The Cauldron doesn't quite depict anything related to cauldrons. However, they've got a space with cosy, rustic seating elements, tucked so nicely in a soothing environment. 

London House of Coffee
2B, Gregory's Road, Colombo 07

This coffee shop is housed in a beautiful old building with couches that are spread out across different ends of the floor - so there's a sense of privacy for your date. You also get a lovely balcony area if you prefer fresh air to the airconditioned insides. Food and drinks aren't bad either. 

Java Lounge (Nawala)
404, Nawala Rd, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

Java Lounge's claim of being the largest local coffee house chain is reflected with their outlets popping up left and right. We particularly liked the ambience at their Nawala branch, mainly because of the privacy it provides. They've got a couple of corners in the cafe that suits well for a private conversation. 

The Fab Cafe
196, Castle Street, Colombo 08

The Fab Cafe is the coffee lounge by The Fab, which you'll find only in Borella. They've got a chic space located at the upstairs of Borella - Fab, with wooden floors and black sofas. Pretty classy, one might say, and very restful. 

The Commons Coffee House
39A Flower Road, Colombo 7

A lively, but not too rowdy, Commons is one of Colombo's most popular, long-standing hangout spots. They've got a whole bunch of different options when it comes to seating whether it be high chairs, couches or bean bags, along with a couple of separate rooms, so you can take your pick. Their outdoor section has some pretty artsy metal furniture as well, ideal for cooler days.

What's your pick for a fine coffee date? Let us know in the comments. 

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