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International Groceries

These are a few spots where you can get international imports and groceries.

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Sometimes you want something more than the usual groceries. Luckily Colombo has some options. Not a lot of options, but a few. 

There's meats and cheeses available from Europe, strange jellies and sushi makings from Japan, fresh tofu and instant ramen from China, and lots and lost of options at Beema's and Brana's.
House of Wines, Flower Road, Colombo 03 lets you get tasty, un-spellable meats (prosciutto), cheeses, coffees, macaroons and freshly baked bread. Basically many things which bring joy.

89 Dudley Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 00800, Sri Lanka

Ramen noodles, obviously, but they also have interesting jelly desserts, and stuff like slippers and bowls.

Chinese Lanka
Kollupitiya Market, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 3

Noodles, seaweed, a gallon of soy sauce? This is the place. If you find the selection confusing, their range of instant noodles is different from your usual Maggi.

Beemas (Kollupitiya Market)
Kollupitiya Market, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 3

Beema's has a range of international imports - olives, potato chips, sauces, frozen berries. They have a lot, but it often costs a lot.

Branas (Kollupitiya Market)
Kollupitiya Market, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 3

Brana's are the original gangsters of the imports scene. They have lots and lots of goods - nuts, dates, chips, cereals, and also cleaning products, creams, etc. Like Beema's they can also be expensive, but they have range.

Shoppers Stop
40, Glen Aber Place, Colombo 4

As a commenter mentioned, Shopper's Stop deserves a mention, mainly for their sweets, and some beverages.

So these are a few places to get groceries from all over the world without leaving Colombo.

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shopper's stop also has a number of imports. mostly sweet things and beverages.

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True, added them