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Italian Restaurants in Colombo

A list of every Italian restaurant in Colombo we can find.

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Pizza, pasta or ravioli, Italian food is everywhere on the island. And the thing is, we just can't get enough of it. 

Thus, given how long this list is, we're gonna cut things short here and proceed to the good stuff. So, without much further ado, YAMU presents, a list of every Italian restaurant in Colombo we can think of. 

No. 145, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 5.

Aye, what would a list of Italian places be without Giovannis? Dishing up some of the best pizzas in town, Giovanni's doesn't necessarily need any sort of introduction from us. Found in a quaint place smack dab in the middle of Thimbirigasyaya road, we guarantee that if you're looking for some fantastic thin-crust pizzas, you can't go wrong here. From what we gathered, now they've got a cafe too, which we're planning to check out soon. 

Pranzo (Waters Edge)
316, Polduwa Rd, Ethul Kotte Road, Battaramulla

Doing a couple more than the usual pasta, pizza and lasagna, Pranzo at Water's Edge also happens to do some solid grilled meats. We tried their Norwegian Salmon and were pretty blown away by it. But, given how you're here, you're probably wondering how the Italian parts are doing. And don't worry, we happened to try their prawn ravioli and their pizza and the only thing we're left to say is that combined with the view and the service, you're guaranteed a pretty stellar experience that's a tad on the pricier side. 

Napoli Artisan Pizza
4 Rohini Rd, Wellawatte

Situated down Rohini road, Napoli Artisan Pizza isn't necessarily "new" to the pizza scene in CMB. Focusing more on the pizza side of things, Napoli Artisan does a mean Four-Cheese that we can vouch for. Aside from the pizzas, they also do a couple starters and such along with coffee. 

Park Street Trattoria
48, Park Street, Colombo 02

Coming in amidst a bunch of mixed reviews from good to bad to ugly, we decided to check out Park Street Trattoria and came out pretty happy with the way things went. Sure, the price tag can be a bit high but if you're okay with it, they've got a range of pretty solid mains and a risotto that would have any vegetarian falling at their feet, we liked it. However, we found the Tiramisu to be a tad too creamy for our liking. So, if you're not into that kinda thing, we suggest staying away from that. 

Grand Slam By Mitsi
Sir Marcus Fernando Road, Colombo 07

Mitsi's has come a long way since when they first started off as a home-based business. Found inside the premises of the SLTA, Grand Slam by Mitsi's is a pretty good place to get your Italian fix at. With pizzas that are generously garlanded with meat and cheese, and a Carbonara that although lacking in the bacon department was smothered in cream and parmesan, it's a solid place to go with if you're looking for some decent Italian food with a Lankan twist. 

S39 Pizzeria
No:39 Shrubbery Garden Rd, Colombo 04

Getting your pizza on is a wonderful thing. One that isn't very good for your wallet but c'est la vie! no? This is essentially where S39 Pizzeria comes into the picture. Situated along the coast of Marine Drive, S39 comes with a large range of thin crust, wood-fired pizzas and a whole bunch of other Italian variants of paraphernalia at the most affordable price. They've got a superb kochchi chicken pizza with cut-up kochchi pieces just laying around on top. 

No. 615 A, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya.

One of the OG's of the Italian scene in Colombo, Rocco's has been around for quite some time and we're all pretty familiar with it. And the thing is, we've had pretty good experiences with them all around. Found at both Nawala and Gregory's road, Rocco's pizzas are wood-fired based, thin-crust and packed on with toppings.

Dolce Italia
5, Skelton Road, Colombo 05

Found on Skeleton Road, Dolce Italia is yet another spot you can head out to if you're craving for some Italian delicacies with an authentic touch. With a pretty chilled out atmosphere and some of the best-made pasta we've come across, they're quite good. They've got some pretty great options when it comes to coffee and the Cannolo was one that's worth going there for.

502 R A De Mal Mawatha, Colombo 3

Pastamani, to those of you who aren't aware of it yet, is a rather wonderful looking restaurant on Duplication Road that's actually a part of a franchise list of restaurants from Singapore. And while we had a pretty good experience the last time around, but we've heard that they aren't very consistent with it. That being said, if you're gonna take our word for it, we suggest giving it a shot. Their pepperoni pizza is quite popular and the range of in-house gelato they serve doesn't disappoint either. 

Fire & Ice Pizzeria
9A, Glen Aber Place, Colombo 04

Branching from Kolkata to Colombo, this is another international franchise restaurant started in '95. Serving up some brilliantly executed pies, the pizzas were crunchy and packed to the absolute brim by their toppings. Plus, they do a killer Apple Pie, we'd recommend it. 

Echo (Cinnamon Grand)
Cinnamon Grand, Galle Road, Colombo 3

We haven't been to Echo in a while, but judging by how our previous experience went, it's impossible to leave this place out from our list. Accompanied by the general atmosphere of Cinnamon Grand, Echo proved to be one of the nicer experiences we can recall when it came to Italian dining. With a bunch of albeit expensive, well-crafted dishes, we liked it. Try the Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli, thank us later. 

Romano Italian Kitchen
484, Kotte Road, Pitakotte, Jayewardenepura Kotte.

Romano Italian Kitchen, with their purposely falling apart walls and clay oven that you can see from the outside, is found in a very indiscreet corner in the middle of Kotte. And the thing is, the fare they serve isn't very shabby. Including a pretty wide range of toppings, the pies served at Romano was both thin and cooked to perfection and have the perfect amount of toppings on top. However, we suggest straying away from the pasta dishes. While they are a bit steep in terms of pricing, it might not be as good as you'd hope it would be. 

Il Ponte (Hilton)
2, Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo 01

Il Ponte is the resident Italian restaurant of Hilton Colombo and they've been that for quite some time; to the extent of being one of the OG's of the high-end Italian restaurant scene. They're pretty much known for serving up some decent Italian fare and judging by our last experience, we're gonna stand with that statement a tad longer. With a delicious take on Tiramisu and a Beef Lasagna that was cooked just right with the perfect amount of beef, it's very unlikely that you would go wrong with this. 

The Bayleaf
79, Gregory's Road, Colombo 07.

Belonging to the line of the numerous Harpo's in the country, The Bayleaf down Gregory's road is one of the most well known Italian restaurants in Colombo. Serving up some gorgeous takes on Bruschetta and a Panacotta that was prepared to perfection, it's a safe bet this one.  

Scarlet Room (Colombo Courtyard)
32 Alfred House Avenue, Colombo 03.

Delivering up a range of Meditteranean and Italian dishes, Scarlet Room in Colombo Courtyard isn't everyone's cup of tea in terms of its ambience. While we haven't necessarily been there in a while, we did happen to enjoy our previous experience there. With a delicious take on a seafood salad and a risotto that followed suit, it's a good option you can go for. 

Mama Louie's
49, Skelton Rd, Colombo 05

Mama Louie's is one of the newest members of the Italian scene in Colombo. Nestled in a corner of Skeleton road inside Sooriya Village, Mama Louie's offers a range of about 15 pizzas ranging from chicken to lamb to beef without any difficulty. With a lovely thin crust and plenty of toppings to kick things up a notch, it was brilliant. Plus, their Mocha Frappe is positively genius. 

Caffe Michelangelo
530 Nawala Road, Nawala

Taking up a small corner of Nawala, Caffe Michelangelo is yet another place to go to if you're looking for some funky toppings to chase your blues away. Ranging from Pol Sambol to Nutella, Caffe Michelangelo dishes out some delicious takes on thin-crust pizza and is definitely worth looking out for. We suggest trying the Seafood Marinara, it's got a heap of seafood involved and is good, even if it seafood on pizza. 

Belmio Pizza
44 Madiwela Road, Thalawatugoda

If you're anywhere in the Talawathugoda region and in need of pizza ASAP, this just might be the best place to head out to. Serving up some stellar thin-crust pizzas that are cooked in a giant man-shaped oven, Belmio offers something that most other places do not; the freedom to do whatever you want with your pizza. May it be adding ingredients or taking out ingredients, Belmio Pizza lets you go all out and we really hope you do. 

Pizza Napolitana
120 route, Pepiliyana Rd, Boralesgomuwa

If you live around Boralesgamuwa area, this is your safest bet for some delicious thin-crust pizza. Made from a wood-fired, brick oven their pizza toppings have a Lankan twist to it, with the option of adding a handful of nai miris to them. 

Caterina Pizzeria
No. 11, Rheinland Place, Colombo 03

Located down Rheinland Place, this is another pizza joint where you can get your hands on some good thin-crust pizza. Their Spicy Beef Pizza is highly recommended, and out of the Lankan range of toppings, we suggest getting Spicy Kukul Mas one. They're very generous with their toppings and coupled with the pretty ambience so you're in for a treat. 

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