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Kinita Loves

Places Kinita loves. BIA toilets not included.

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We wrote up a YAMU Loves for most of the office a couple of months ago, but most of my choices weren't edible (especially not the orphanage!). So here's my list of places that I actually eat at when I'm not being paid to do so by the overlords of YAMU. If we see each other at the following spots, I look forward to the awkward and fleeting eye contact.

YAMU Loves : Hot Butter Cuttlefish at Randoli

My paean to Randoli's HBC is a long, hyperbolic ode. Read, and weep.

Tong Ni BBQ
59, Walukarama Road, Colombo 3

Tong Ni is not for the vegetarian or the classy. It's a Chinese BBQ spot that also has a slightly dodgy foot spa of the same name. Maybe the thematic mix of barbecue and feet remind me of The Office, or maybe the ambience and service are just odd enough for me to love it. They also let you bring in your bottles corkage-free, so you can tipsily poke at the vast array of meat on the open table grill in front of you. Perfection.

Salty Swamis Cafe & Surf Shop (Hikkaduwa)
542, Wewala, Hikkaduwa, Galle Road

Okay, so Salty Swamis (or the SS if you're feeling particularly Third Reich-y) is only open for half the year and it's all the way down in Hikkaduwa. However, their food is stellar and their ambience even more so, so I guess you can just suck it up and wait till September/October. Or head all the way to Hideaway for kind of the same scene (but boozier) by the same owners.

Momo's by Ruvi
43/1D, Majestic Avenue, Bambalapitiya

Momo's by Ruvi is great because I love momos, and they have momos. Why can't everything in life be this easy? I love restaurants that stick to simple concepts that they know how to execute well. It's also not exorbitant, so you can happily stuff your face for under Rs. 1000.

Warning, they don't serve up pork.


Arrack chocolate biscuit pudding. Which genius thought of creating this beautiful boozy lovechild of two of Sri Lanka's best products? It's also hella expensive if you pick up at a cafe like Black Cat or Good Life, around Rs. 500 for a tiny jar. Until I achieve the superior skills necessary to make this at home, I'm just going to have to entrench myself further into poverty to get my fix.

Raheema Hotel
Cumaratunga Munidasa Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hot shiny stretchy godamba roti and chicken curry stewed in an ancient steel drum. Enough said. Download the whole Game of Thrones box set, get yourself some Raheema's takeaway, settle in for a ride you'll never forget.

My list is short because I actually don't eat out much at all (perks of having a partner who is an excellent cook, and also having no enthusiasm to get out of my sarong). I also didn't put in my regular spots like August or Barefoot because aforementioned overlord Indi already mentioned them. But if you have any suggestions for me, please comment away! 

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