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5 Newest Cafes in Colombo

All the new cafes in one place!

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New cafes have been popping up like mushroom since the start of this year and we covered them all. Thus, we thought of piling a list including all of them so that you can check them all out in one place. The list goes from our highest rated to the lowest.

Bear in mind, this list will probably be outdated in another couple of months.

Cafe Nuga
No. 69A, Green Path, Colombo 7.

Yes! We love this place. Everything here is healthy, organic and delicious. They have an extensive menu ranging from sandwiches, wraps, burgers, pasta, and salads. Their Smoothie Bowl (Rs. 600) was a banana and raw honey blended smoothie base topped with mango, pineapple, strawberries, granola and chia seeds. It was absolutely delicious. They also have a range of healthy drinks for you to choose from. The place is really beautiful and spacious with heaps of natural light. 

The Embazzy
No. 76/1, Flower Road, Colombo 7.

The Embazzy is a cozy bistro on Flower Road, serving some great coffee along with some delicious multi-cuisine dishes. They've got a range of sweet and savory breakfast including a succulent Eggs Benedict (Rs. 1400) as well as jerk chicken burger, fried rice, nasi goreng etc. As for the coffee, they do a mean Cafe Mocha (Rs. 460). We highly recommend you try it. The place is spacious, cozy and peaceful. 

Tokiwa Cafe
No 213, Galle Road, Colombo 3.

Another favorite of ours is Tokiwa Cafe at Hotel Dwell. It's a Japanese inspired cafe, that has one of the best Omurice in town. They also have Fuwa-Fuwa if you want to try some authentic Japanese desserts. Aside from that, the usual burgers, sandwiches, and wraps can be found here too. You can grab a quick bite from their display that has croissants, a variety of bagels, strudel and egg buns. Their drinks are good too but do not go for the coffee. The place is spacious, relaxing and ideal to get some work done.

Cafe Sociale
No. 252A, Galle Road, Colombo 4.

Cafe Sociale, located on Galle Road, is a retro-themed cafe with colourful wall art and beautiful backdrops for some amazing photos. They don't have the best coffee, but you can always drop in for some of their mains, which they do really well. The Prawn Identity (Rs. 1100) in particular was exceptional. They also have pasta, burgers, mie goreng, as well as seafood and chicken dishes. We also really liked their salads which include pomegranate seeds, cashews, and the freshest veggies. 

Pages & Coffee
78A Stratford Avenue, 6 Colombo

Basically, the place is a house turned into a reading corner where you can enjoy some coffee and get some reading done. They don't have an extensive menu but their Hot Chocolate (Rs. 480) is something we really enjoyed. They also their very own Mug Pasta (Rs. 550) which is decent but they take a long time to make it, so unless you're there to kill a good few hours, I would suggest sticking to the drinks. 

So there you have it. There are more cafes opening up and we will try to round them up every so often.

Cover photo credits: Prayitno 

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