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New Cafes in Colombo 2018

A list of new cafes in Colombo opened throughout 2018.

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Cafes are taking over Colombo and everyone is LOVING it! 

I mean, what's not to like about them? An aesthetically pleasing space, cozy, comfortable chairs, air conditioning to escape the heat, plenty of food to munch on and most importantly, coffee! 

So, here's a list of new cafes in Colombo that were opened throughout this year. While they're listed in no particular order, we'll make sure to update it with the upcoming new cafes as we review them in the next two months of 2018.

The Grind Coffeehouse
505/1 Union Place

From dolled up dishes to excellent cuppas, The Grind Coffeehouse is everything you expect from a cafe. A bit on the pricey end, but rightly so because they are pretty good at what they do. Their bread comes from, and they use Whight & Co. beans in their coffee based drinks. 

Plus Nine Four
No. 35, D S Fonseka Road, Colombo 5.

Plus Nine Four is a sister cafe to the ever so popular Cafe Kumbuk, which offer up a range of healthy food and drinks that you can enjoy sitting under the shade. We really liked their French Toast, which comes with two Brioche French toasts topped with caramelized bananas, kithul treacle and Kiri Toffee artisan ice cream by Carino. If you're more of a spicy toothed person, we suggest you try their Wholegrain Sourdough, which is essentially a perfectly toasted sourdough bread, served with a generous topping of mashroom, garlic, seeni sambol and basil. Pair it with their deliciously creamy Matcha Latte and you're in for a real treat! 

Noteworthy Cafe
No. 4, Maitland Crescent, Colombo 7

Noteworthy which started off as a stationery shop down Maitland Crescent now has a coffee stop right next to it. Tucked in between the popular Coffee Bean and Cafe Seventy-Seven, Noteworthy Cafe does a pretty consistent job when it comes to serving both good food and coffee. We frequently find ourselves here for their excellent Fish Ambul Thiyal, Polos and Pol Sambol Wrap. They also do a good Mango Smoothie, which is creamy and wonderfully thick, and their range of sandwiches are pretty solid as well. Throughout the cafe, there's a Van Gogh theme going on with framed paintings of some of his best works, while the velvet carpets and comfy chairs are on par with the paintings.

32, 01 B Dickmans Rd

KIKU Colombo is a cafe done in collaboration with Shirohana with the intention of promoting floriculture in Sri Lanka. Catering with their elegantly Japonesque vibe, they've paid attention to detail to the slightest of things; from shadow-play to piquant, picturesque dishes. Their doughnuts are well-known, and they serve it only on Wednesdays and weekends. However, their range of bagels is excellent, it's available throughout the week, and they do a mean cup of Cappuccino made from an in-house blend. We recommend!

Monkeybean Cafe
43, Perahera Mawatha, Colombo 03

Located down Perahera Road, Monkeybean Cafe is a super cozy cafe serving up some great paninis and a bomb of a hot chocolate made from Belgium chocolate, instead of powder from a tin. Their Lemon Meringue is one of the best desserts we've come across, constructed with a nice Graham cracker crust, and a rich custard filling topped off with a deliciously light meringue. It's a good place to plonk yourself in and work on your laptops or to grab your post-workout snack. 

The Embazzy
No. 76/1, Flower Road, Colombo 7.

The Embazzy is a cozy, handsome bistro down Flower Road that serves up some great Eggs Benedict, and a dynamite Kochchi Cheese Toast, among other things. Their Cafe Mocha really blew us away, and we suggest you try that with the Passion Fruit Cheesecake, which is a good dessert to try out even if you're not the biggest sweet tooth. The interior here looks like a colonial house converted into a restaurant, while the atmosphere is quite calm and peaceful. 

Cafe Nuga
No. 69A, Green Path, Colombo 7.

Emphasizing on the healthy living concept, Cafe Nuga is one of the very few restaurants in Colombo that knows the art of binding health benefits to delicious food. We especially liked their breakfast menu which is comprised of hoppers and freshly baked roast paan and you can pair it with some hot Kadey Tea and Milo Tea. The place is really beautiful and spacious with heaps of natural light seeping through. You can literally sit anywhere and get the perfect Instagram pictures.  

Pages & Coffee
78A Stratford Avenue, 6 Colombo

The concept of books and coffee is not something new, but Pages & Coffee have executed it in a way quite unlike anything else. Basically, the place is a house turned into a reading corner that happens to serve coffee and a few other snacks. Their Hot Chocolate is an ideal choice to have while you dive into a good book.

No 62, Havelock Road, Colombo.

Baguette down Havelock road is the cafe opened by and they offer a lot more than just bread - croissants, quiches, tarts, and eclairs to name a few. Aside from that, you can also purchase jam, tea, cured meat, Italian and French cheese from this cafe itself. Their coffee, however, didn't live up to our expectations. Anyway, the service here was pretty good with the staff being both attentive and efficient, so, all in all, it's worth giving a shot at. 



De Vos Cafe
34, De Vos Ave, Colombo 04

De Vos Cafe is a cozy, spacious cafe adjoining the newest boutique hotel in town - Talo Urban. If you have a sweet tooth, they do a good Chocolate Mousse that's constructed with layers of chocolate cake, mousse and topped off with some chocolate shaving, and nuts. In terms of service, they're quite friendly, efficient and accommodating. 

Cafe Sociale
No. 252A, Galle Road, Colombo 4.

Located on a stretch of Galle Road, Cafe Sociale is a retro-themed cafe with a fascinating menu. The food in the menu is inspired by famous movies like The Silence of the Lambs (Mutton Hot Pot), Meet the Parents (Creamy chicken), Chicken Run, The Cod Father, Catch Me if You Can etc. We loved The Prawn Identity, which is essentially a plate of nicely cooked prawns soaked in garlic butter sauce, and served with a side of couscous. With colorful wall art and matching furniture, the place provides the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos. They also have a mini coworking space if you want to sit down and get some work done.   

Caramel Pumpkin
No 38, Ward Place, Colombo 07

The best thing about Caramel Pumpkin is their 'make-your-own-pasta' feature, which allows you to customize a delicious bowl of pasta by yourself. They make the pasta according to your preference of pasta type, sauce, protein, and the topping. We really liked our Roast Chicken Pasta, which came with an abundance of roast chicken bits, nicely mixed in with properly cooked penne pasta and pesto sauce. Their Blueberry Cheesecake is excellent too - rich and creamy with a light biscuit base and a generous topping of blueberry coulis. 

You can also grab a scoop of your favorite flavor in Isle of Gelato while you're here, as they've set up a tiny store inside Caramel Pumpkin. 

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