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6 Ways To Beat The Heat

Here are some quick ways to beat the heat.

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If you're reading this in April or May, you're experiencing the hottest months of the year in Sri Lanka. The New Year brings a heat wave which lasts, effectively, till about October

These temperatures can break A/Cs, cause tempers to flare and generally make you miserable. Here are 5 quick ways to beat the heat.

7 Places To Cool Down

The first way is air conditioning.

If you have your own, get in there and chill. If you're out, however, we actually measured the temperature and quite a few places around Colombo and made this list of the places which are the coolest semi-public spots in Colombo. If you're going there obviously buy something, A/C ain't free.

Pools in Colombo

The second tip is to go to a swimming pool. The list here is some of the places that let you pay to use the pool for the day. If you want a full list of places that have pools, check out our label here

27 Bars To Drink In Shorts & Slippers

The third tip is to wear less clothes. If you want to go out in shorts and slippers, these are 27 bars that will let you in. This is less of a problem for girls than guys, but everyone's ankles deserve to be free in this heat.

Beat The Heat (4 Cool Foods & Where To Get Them)

The fourth tip is to cool down with food. Ice cream is a classic to make you feel better (though the sugar technically warms you up). You can also try fruit or sashimi. We have a full list here.

Free Water
Next to Yamaha

When it's hot you have to drink much more water than usual, or you'll pass out. That means carrying your own, and any restaurant should give you free table water with a meal. If you find yourself wandering without, however, there is free water opposite Independence Arcade.

"What's With This Heat?" (Global Warming) - Word On The Street

Finally, if you can't beat the heat, you can always complain. A more productive subject to discuss is global warming, as it's happening and it will affect Sri Lanka (as an island nation). Quite a lot. For a start, you can check out our Word On The Street where we ask people what they think about climate change.

So, those are a few ways to beat the heat. Some alternatives we left on the editing room floor are

  1. Coolest dirt/mud piles to wallow in
  2. Secret underground bunkers
  3. How to seal your head inside a freezer
  4. Places where nudity is acceptable
  5. Becoming cold-blooded, pros and cons

If you have any better ideas, comment as always. Stay chill.

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king coconut is the best!



Lock the door. Stay naked under the fan. Or wear a jungi.



Commenters have been more sensible here.

Wear cotton cloths,
allow plenty of ventilation to houses if they are not ACed,
Air coolers work better these days due to low humidity,
screw global warming a get an AC (you deserve to be cool first, not the polar bears) (** dear polar bears, I like you but you gotta evolve or be extinct)



I'm sorry but global warming doesn't just effect the polar bears ….the effect is on us human beings as well… Not in the future, we even experience the effect at this moment as well….