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Best Places for a Manicure & Pedicure

Here's a list of places you can visit if you're in dire need of doing your nails.

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It's perfectly acceptable to treat yourself every now and then with a quick colour fix or just get your feet scrubbed. I asked around the office and put together a list of places that you can visit for your next mani/pedi. Note that most of these do men's pedis as well, so call ahead and check.

The Nail Anatomy
14 Reid Avenue, Colombo 7 (inside Lakpahana)

The folks over at The Nail Anatomy have nails down to a science. With their super attentive service, quirky products and ambience, and a knack for fulfilling almost all your requests, you could say they've nailed it. Hahahaha.

Standard Manicure: Rs. 2,500
Standard Pedicure: Rs. 2,800

The Wax Museum (Independence Arcade)
1st Floor, Independence Arcade, Colombo

The Wax Museum set up shop in CMB a while ago and have firmly rooted themselves into the lookbooks of their faithful clientele. Book yourself into a full grooming session at their lush, beautiful outlet at the Arcade, Independence Square.

Standard Manicure: Rs. 2,000
Standard Pedicure: Rs. 1,300

BC Nail Studio
G16 - Ground Level , Crescat boulevardColombo, Sri Lanka

It's safe to say that O.P.I are the big leagues when it comes to everything that has to do with nails. They've nestled firmly somewhere in the Crescat Boulevard (or even out in Rajagiriya's Beverly Street) and with their loyal customer base it's difficult to make an appointment so it's best to contact them as early as you can!

Standard Manicure: Rs. 2,000
Standard Pedicure: Rs. 3,000

Ramani Fernando Salon
32 Elibank Road, Colombo 5

Ramani Fernando is one of the pioneers in the city's salon stretch. From a slick hairdo to glam nails, they offer their every services. Hit them up and book an appointment if you're headed to a function or some stately event. 

Standard Manicure: Rs. 2,000
Standard Pedicure: Rs. 2,000

Gavin Ryan's Salon (Independence Arcade)
8, Independence Arcade, Colombo 7

Gavin Ryan's Salon is another sleek boutique at the Arcade (Independence Square) that offers an extensive variety of salon services. They're friendly and attentive, so put yourself into their capable hands and let the stress dissipate into the nether.

Standard Manicure: Rs. 1,700
Standard Pedicure: Rs. 1,900

TONI & GUY Salon
80 A, Ward Place, Colombo 07

Toni & Guy is a bit on the steeper side (as are most of the places on this list) but is nonetheless a very popular choice with a lot of individuals. They take great care when handling your hair, and I'm sure the same applies to your nails as well. 

Standard Manicure: Rs. 2,300
Standard Pedicure: Rs. 2,500

Foot Rub (Crescat Boulevard)
Crescat Boulevard, Colpetty

Foot Rub is probably one of my go-to options for a pedicure. I dig their clinical and stylish decor and more often than not their technicians just leave you alone unless you wish to engage in conversation which is a huge plus. Choose from a range of their pedicure (only) treatments and walk out with fresh tips.

Standard Pedicure: Rs. 2,100

Capello Salon
7, Havelock Place, Colombo 5

Capello Salon has been around for a while. They've got themselves a cosy outlet tucked away in lush, leafy green setting in Havelock Place. Their service is up to par and they've got many a customer sauntering away with toothy grins and shiny claws.

Standard Manicure: Rs. 2,500
Standard Pedicure: Rs. 2,500

The Clippers
Lesley Ranagala Mawatha, Borella, Colombo

The Clippers is a salon manned by the Air Force. They offer cheap haircuts and mani/pedis as well. The service is said to be on the friendly side and you can trust the ladies over the counter with your worn hands and feet. They'll have your tired limbs replenished in no time at all.

There's no phone number available, but you can look them up here.

Uptown Glamour
95, Galle Road, Bambalapitiya

Uptown Glamour has a chic boutique over at Bambalapitiya. It's a short walk away from the YAMU HQ and although we'd like to pop in every other day for a full manicure, our time says otherwise. They offer a full range of standard salon services so be it a blowout or a fresh pedicure, so call them up and book yourselves in.

Standard Manicure: Rs. 2,000
Standard Pedicure: Rs. 2,500

Momoka Nail Spa
No. 06/A, Vajira Road, Bambalapitiya Colombo, Sri Lanka

Momoka Nail Spa is about 20 metres from the YAMU HQ. They're a tiny little boutique business with a plush pink and white interior. Be warned that this isn't a 5 star rated outlet. It's best for a quick touch up. Prices are a little steep as well in comparison with other high-end nail bars. The only reason I'd suggest a manicure here because they've got an incredibly skilled stylist called Ganga who'll leave your nails nice and happy. 

Standard Manicure: Rs. 1,900
Standard Pedicure: Rs. 2,500

Dolling up your nails is a serious matter. So we've put together this list which contains a few places that offer good or at least average service. Let us know if you've got any other recommendations!

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there is a place called nail talks at stanley Thilakaratne Mw, Nugegoda. It seems to be operated in the upstairs portion of the owner's house. They do manicures and pedicures but are known more for their acrylic and gel nail applications.



I'm interested in gel nail. Do you know the price there?



Foot Rub never disappoints me