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Rajeev Loves

A look into Rajeev's favorite places for all things lifestyle!

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Hi, my name is Rajeev; I like short walks to the fridge, hanging with cool people, and the things on the list that you're (hopefully) about to read. I tried to cover 'lifestyle' as a whole: food, drinks, desserts, nightlife, music, and even hair care. Enjoy!

P.S - I'm also a huuuge Black Cat fan, but (as Kinita mentioned as well) "aforementioned overlord Indi already mentioned it".

Savoy 3D Cinema
12 Savoy Building, Galle Road, Wellawatte, Colombo 6

Movies are a huge part of my life! It's what I've always dreamed of being involved in, so safe to say that a movie going experience has to be nothing short of the best (although I'm not really one to complain much). Given what I know now, I'm kinda kicking myself for not having gone sooner, as the Savoy movie experience (in Sri Lanka) is the one to beat. Every seat in the house is (relatively) really good, ensuring that each audience member gets the same experience (given that they are all paying the same amount)! The placement of the giant HD screen in respect to the seats is just right, the seats themselves are comfortable, and (God only knows why) given that every blooming thing is in 3D here, they provide the best, non-head-to-toe body ache 3D experience. The area is beautiful, big, and clean (again, relatively), and provides the ultimate movie experience one could find locally.

Bubblelement (Colombo)
The Boulevard, 33 Queen's Road, Colombo 03

Bottoms up! There are a plethora of venues that provide unique and exemplary beverages. Having said that, my taste buds seem to gravitate toward this drink/snack hybrid provided by Bubblelement that never disappoint (yet). The ambience reminds me of a hipster Pinterest board put together by a teenage girl who is trying to design her small yet adequate bedroom (not a bad thing, so hold onto your hate comments). They have a location in Galle, one on Queens Road, and a new one in Battaramulla. Their paninis are to die for - the chicken alfredo is my fave, although their pol sambol and beef/chicken seem to be a crowd favourite. Their service has improved vastly over the past few months (although there is always room for growth) and their new drinks are pretty interesting. Given that their prices are somewhat on the higher scale, they are worth the purchase for an occasional treat. 

VU Restobar (Best Western Hotel)
102 A, Kirulapone Avenue, Baseline Road, Colombo 5

Rooftop bars seem to have become a genre of their own here in Colombo, and I don't see why not. From breathtaking views, to satisfying refreshments and ambience, I felt picking a fave rooftop bar/spot was appropriate for this list. I don't think you can really go wrong when picking the perfect rooftop bar to enjoy (correct me if I'm wrong), but location, view, and of course price has a large part to play in where X marks the spot. After much research, I've come to the conclusion that Vu Restobar (formerly called City Lights at Best Western Elyon) is the spot for me. On top of getting a <180 degree panoramic view of Colombo, the staff there is kind and helpful, and their selection is pretty exquisite (for a rather pricey yet reasonable amount). On certain nights, they have live performances by local artists which really sets the mood for a relaxing evening. 

Coffee & Company
37/3, Pedris Road, Colombo 03

Another ambience based pick for me is Coffee & Company. Cozy is the best description I can think of to accompany this hidden treasure amidst the food giants of Colombo 03. With it's Nuwara Eliya bungalow-esque furnishing and large yet soft space, Coffee & Co really does the phrasing 'a change in atmosphere' justice. The only thing I've gotten there is their celery and apple (too good) and pesto pasta which is pretty good. More than the food, it's a great place to catch up and hang out with friends and family.

Fazly's Halal Refreshment
1, Vellons Passage, Colombo 2

Whoever came up with this idea (and recipes) should be awarded something for their service to the community! Welcome to the night life (and food) category on the list! Burger's King (now called Fazly's Halal Refreshment) is safe to say the best local fast food joint in Colombo. With their convenient hours, great service, and unique ambience - they are yet to disappoint. They have recently upgraded with more seating space, although we prefer the pavement plastics if we aren't driving off in a hurry! All in all, the best late night food run experience you're to come across here, and worth the drive if you live further away. 

Sleek Salon
Galle Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka

A rather odd entry to have on a favorite spots list but as promised, I'm going to cover all aspects possible of lifestyle and things to do (if I have missed a category please comment below and I will think it through). I remember going to Sleek Salon when I was much younger (so not so long ago), and all I remember from that experience was how great it was. Now price wise it's a lot more expensive than your roadside independent barbershop that charges Rs. 200 for anything, but I barely go I cut my hair, so investing a reasonable sum for a good haircut in a nice chair is worth it. The place is clean, and they provide a dang good massage at the end of it all and... they are open till midnight!

If you feel, based on my idiosyncratic choices in life, that you may know of spots I, or others alike, would enjoy - please do comment below! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with good HBC, quick service at every restaurant you visit, and the slipper you may or may not have broken last week magically fixed (if only)! :) Cheers!

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