Where To Get Rice & Curry In Nugegoda

A list of a bunch of places serving rice and curry in Nugegoda.

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We live by it. Everyday, no matter how much fast food we get around us, we always find ourselves staring at a plate of rice and curry. We just can't live without it. It's alright, it's what makes us Sri Lankan. 

To everyone residing anywhere in or out of Nugegoda, this list goes out to you. 

Pela (Delkanda)
162, Old kesbewa road, Delkanda, Nugegoda

Pela is a pretty well-known spot here. They give you the choice of five curries to go with your buth plate, we suggest going with the chicken liver curry. Boasting a rich goraka flavor and hints of pepper, it's a signature dish in Pela. You wouldn't want to miss it. 

Home Cooking Fast Foods
293, High Level Rd, Nugegoda

Home Cooking Fast Foods is a good place if you’re looking for a good takeaway. They don't have much space in the restaurant itself but it borders High-level road so it's an easy/ efficient option to go with. Getting to their food, it's not as spicy as one would hope but apart from that, there's nothing much we can complain about. 

Pickle Food
No. 15 Railway Ave, Nugegoda

Pickle Food has a nice interior, and their rice and curries are not bad at all. But, they don't seem to serve a lot of pickles as they promise on the name, so better not get your hopes up. 

Matara Bath Kade
Nawala road, Nugegoda

We somehow manage to find ample amounts of MBK everywhere. However, judging by our visit, the one in Nugegoda was nothing special. They do serve up some nice Banana Blossom Curry with Karawila, everything else was pretty mediocre. Like the curries at Home Cooking Fast Foods, what they have here are not as spicy as we had hoped, but it's quite cheap. Chicken Rice and Curry is priced at Rs, 140, and you get around four curries in it with a massive helping of rice. Sweet!

Thuna Paha
150 D/1/1 Piyadasa Hewavitharana Building, High Level Rd, Nugegoda

From steamed red and white rice to Lankan style biriyani and fried rice on the rice section, along with a whole bunch of curries and meats like chicken, pork, fish and seafood, Thuna Paha's spread of rice and curry is one of the biggest there is. However, they don't boast with curry flavours as one would have liked, but yet manage to provide an all right plate of rice & curry if you are in a hurry. 

Rasa Piyasa
No. 188, Maya Avenue, Highlevel Road, Colombo 06

Located down High-level road around the Kirulapana area, Rasa Piyasa is one of those one stop places to get some flavorful rice and curry for a decent fare. You get the chance to choose five curries to go with your rice, and their pork curry is simply brilliant. Holding a strong resemblance to Black Pork Curry, this is a must have if you do go there.

253/10, Etul Kotte-Mirihana Road, Nugegoda

Palpatha has the widest spread of curries we've seen in Nugegoda. They've got around 20 - 30 curries here, so if you need diversity, we don't think there's a better spot than here. Everything we tried at Palpatha was worth everything we paid for, especially the kos malluma, which was a clear winner in our eyes.

Gami Gedara
176, Jambugasmulla Mawatha, Nugegoda

Gami Gedara, unlike other buth kadeys, has a bit of a mod interior, and comes with pretty good portion sizes, delicious curries and decent pricing. Aside from the usual rice and curries, they also serve up biriyani and mixed rice on certain days. 


Ambul Thiyal
295, High Level Road, Nugegoda

Ambul Thiyal is yet another place to get your daily rice and curry fix if you’re in Nugegoda. While their prices are bit steeper than Gemi Gedara, they do serve up some pretty authentic dishes. Our experience here was quite good, which is why we can safely say that it’s a fine place to check out if you don't mind ringing your wallet a bit. 


Spice & Curry
52, Poorwarama RoadNugegoda, Sri Lanka

The food at Spice and Curry, like it’s name suggests, is pretty powerfully spiced. They do some excellent kesel muwa curry, that goes really well with a plate of red rice. You can also grab a refrshing glass of Watermelon or Orange juice while you are at it. However, this place is a bit steeper than the other options available in Nugegoda. 

Jaadi Samaga Game Kaema
29, Old Kesbewa road, Nugegoda

Jaadi Samanga Game Kaema is a popular eatery down Kesbewa road. As the name suggests, this is one of those rare rare places that give jaadi ( salted fish) with their food. With lots of curry taste, this place definitely knows their way with Sri Lankan curries. Try out their pork curry if you're ever there. Also, they have unlimited papadam! Huzzah!

Bo Sevana
High Level Road, Nugegoda

Our last visit to Bo Sevana was a while back. Nevertheless, our experience in this hole in the wall styled buth kadey was quite good. If you’re looking for a decently priced place to get some not-so-oily curried accompaniments, we suggest going here.

Nai Mirisa
211 D Stanley Tilakaratne Mawatha, Nugegoda

Occupying the premises of CP's Grill lies Nai Mirisa. As the name implies, every rice & curry plate they serve features a small helping of nai miris sauce. Again, the curry flavour on the plate was quite mild, which is sort of a letdown. 

There you have it peeps, a list of a bunch of places serving up our staple to get your everyday fix of rice and curry. 

You're welcome.