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Not trying these would be a miss-steak.

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Finding a good steak in Colombo can be tough (ha). Mostly because good beef has to be imported, and that requires extremely professional transport, storage, or preparation to ensure some semblance of quality. All this also ensures that good steak is expensive, rare (ha!), and needs waitstaff who actually listens to your preparation requests. Here are a few spots that fit most of that criteria, and try not to overcook everything. We haven't gone into too much detail about sourcing or exact execution as it tends to be inconsistent. Do let us know if we've missed any!

Bavarian German Restaurant
No. 11 Galle Face Court 2, Colombo 3

Brasserie (Mövenpick Hotel Colombo)
24, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 03.

The grilled beef sirloin on the lunch menu here is a rather large portion of high-grade U.S meat, topped with a delectable braised beef cannelloni comprised of soft minced meat, mashed potatoes, spinach, and herbs. There's a little pool of red wine jus to accompany the dish. The meat itself was succulent, prepared perfectly medium rare as requested, and lightly seared. It looks like London Grill's got competition! There's attention to presentation as well, which is great. The dinner and a la carte menus have quite a few steak options too.

London Grill (Cinnamon Grand)
Cinnamon Grand, 77 Galle Rd, Colombo 3

The London Grill has been the gold standard for good steak for years on end now. Our recent experience of the Surf and Turf (Rs. 3600) featured an Angus fillet of beef prepared medium rare, just as I asked for it, which is a rare occurrence in Colombo's dining. The meat itself was succulent and lightly flavoured, drizzled in a delicious thick jus. We thoroughly enjoyed my meal, but that was predominantly thanks to the excellent steak. The London Grill is definitely expensive, but you're guaranteed a good meal.

Ginza On The Edge (Waters Edge)
316, Ethul Kotte Road, Battaramulla

Ginza is one of the classiest Japanese restaurants in the city. With an old-school vibe, excellent service, and consistently good food, they have our vote. On top of the usual sushi/nigiri fare, they also have an excellent Teppanyaki grill complete with a few steak options. It won't come cheap (you're looking at above Rs. 2000 here), but it's worth it if you're not the type that likes your steak slathered in bearnaise and potatoes. 

Echo (Cinnamon Grand)
Cinnamon Grand, Galle Road, Colombo 3

Echo's quality has unfortunately dipped over the years, but they're still known to serve up a good imported steak. At over Rs. 2000 a pop, they don't come cheap though. 

Sovereign German Restaurant
157 Nawala Road, Nugegoda

Sovereign German is a hidden gem on the Nawala Road in Nugegoda. This somewhat kitschy restaurant is run by Germans and does meat well - pork, chicken and beef. Their steaks are quite good, and affordable.

Ikoi Tei (Dutch Hospital)
Dutch Hospital Shopping Precint,Colombo 01

Dutch Hospital's Japanese restaurant has very good service, good food at a somewhat reasonable price point, and a new Teppanyaki grill! As far as we know, you do need to book the Teppanyaki table for a group, but it's worth the experience and the excellent meat preparation.

TGI Friday's
Bank Of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 1

We tried the Peppercorn Steak here (Rs. 3300), and the waitstaff did remember to ask how we'd like it prepared and delivered it perfectly done, albeit about half an hour later. The steak was almost perfect, prepared just right, intensely flavoursome and juicy (but alas, lacking the heat of peppercorn). It also comes topped with bits of fried onion on top that tasted like Tipi Tip (win!).

& Co. (The Steuart)
45 Janadhipathi Mw, Colombo 1 (entrance on Hospital Ln)

& Co. is the spot to go to for superb quantities, as a look at their massive ribs portion (Rs. 1990) would prove. At mid-range price points and lots of booze options, it's a perfect spot to go for a casual meal with friends. We haven't tried the steak here ourselves, but it comes highly recommended by our readers. Check it out and let us know what you think!

The Grill (Kingsbury Hotel)
The Kingsbury, Colombo 01

Kingsbury's new restaurant has a gorgeous, elegant greenhouse-like ambience, fairly good service, and a lot of meat options on its menu. Our steak here hasn't always been amazing, as they tend to overcook the meat, but hopefully they've picked their socks up of late. The lovely ambience deserves better!

California Grill (Galadari)
Hotel Galadari, 64 Lotus Road, Colombo 1

The California Grill is expensive, cold, and dated. They do however have a lovely location and great views. They also import their meat but preparation is generally abysmal, especially at about Rs. 3000 a pop. We've included them on the list as a lot of people still feel nostalgic about the spot.

We hope this list helps you find your dream steak (or three). Good luck !

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