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Thai Restaurants In Colombo

A list of 14 places that you can get good Thai food in Colombo.

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We are no strangers to Thai food at this point. Even though Indian and Chinese cuisines are quite popular in Sri Lanka, Thai food is gaining it's fair share on the table fast.

It's hard not to fall in love with their strong aromatic presentation with the inherent spiciness involving almost all of the taste buds from sour, sweet, salty, and bitter flavours. This style of cooking is not the easiest to get right. 

Let’s take a look at a few good Thai restaurants in Colombo for you to indulge in their complex of flavours.  

Wayside Thai Cafe
No. 146/3, Caldera Gardens Off Dutugemunu Stree,t Kohuwala

This is probably the most affordable option for Thai food in Colombo. Wayside Thai Cafe in Kohuwala is a rustic garden cafe that's done by a friendly family. Their Chicken Pad Thai is loaded with chicken-y goodness, and offered with an extra helping of peanut powder so you can go nuts with it. The excellent Sticky Rice with Mango is the perfect way to end your meal here. The spot itself is absolutely homely which is not something that you always come across in other Thai restaurants in town. 

Ban Thai Seafood Restaurant
31/5 Sea Ave, Colombo 3

Found along the coast of marine drive, the ambience at the Ban Thai Seafood Restaurant is quite quirky as they've got a Thai spa adjoining to it, but that should not stop you from dropping in for a meal here. Ban Thai may be a seafood restaurant, and while they do have a whole heap of seafood-based dishes, they also have meats along the lines of pork and chicken to satiate those of you who can't handle just seafood. If you ever find yourself here, get the Tom Yum Soup to kick-start things - it's simply the best. 

The Boulevard
No 33, Queens Road, Colombo 03

This one remains as one of our favourites to get a range of impressive Thai dishes. After its revamp as Thai Cuisine Boulevard, they managed to get chef Mama to lead them, who was also the former head-chef at Royal Thai. They might fall on the expensive side, but everything they offer from the service to the quality to the taste is well worth it. Quite authentic with the proper balance of flavours, seasoning and spices, it's a reliable pick.

Nara Thai
No 3, Deal Place, Colombo 03

After being born and raised rather successfully in Thailand as a franchise, Nara Thai landed in Colpetty to deliver an authentic Thai experience. The food is on point, and they give you generous portions of it too. You can easily enjoy family dinner or a date here without being robbed of your bank account.

Royal Thai (Cinnamon Lakeside)
Cinnamon Lakeside, 115 Sir Chittampalam A. Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo 2

Royal Thai has consistently been and arguably one of the most popular Thai restaurants in Colombo. They manage to recreate the Thai food flavour by not adjusting the spices to fit the Sri Lankan palate. We found a good balance of authentic Thai flavours such as lemongrass, kaffir lime, ginger, cilantro. Also, they easily win points for the ambience with unintrusive sound of Thai stringed instruments filling the well thought-out space, featuring wood carved and woven partitions with a classy touch of Thai decor. 

Krua Thai by Dao
618, Galle Rd Kollupitiya, Colombo 3

They aim to offer a selection of Thai street food, and it was started by Ms Dao from Thailand when she came to Sri Lanka. Even though you won’t get the most exotic of ambiences here, you can experience a warm and welcoming feeling alongside the adequate seating space. Plus, you get a rich flavour explosion in their food that exceeded our expectations for the price we paid. This place is a real deal when it comes to Thai street food experience, and an easy recommend. 

Quick Thai (Park Road)
Park Road, Colombo 05

Quick Thai down Park Road is our most recent look into their chain of restaurants. They sport your usual Thai fare, but the food didn't blow our socks off. However, their Chilli Garlic Tofu and the Green Curry Chicken, in particular, left us feeling satisfied. Coupled with their outdoor ambience, they're a good option for a family night out.

Thai Heritage Food Truck
383 Colombo - Horana Rd, Colombo 05

From what’ve gathered this is an effort from Heritage Hotel in Anuradhapura. Even though they are a food truck, there is enough seating provided for about 20 to enjoy the food under the shade. They might not have the lowest prices for a food truck, but they do offer an excellent Thai food taste for you to enjoy. Their Chicken Pad Thai was quite memorable to us. Also, the food is cooked by a lady from Thailand, which adds up to the authentic flavours they provide. 

Siam House
17 Melbourne Avenue, Colombo 4

Siam House is a favourite among us for their Sri Lankanized Thai fare, and they are one of the oldest Thai restaurants in the city. Their Thai red and green curries were filled with flavour, as well as the papaya salad that carried the right amount of tasteful acidity. They do have more adventurous dishes like fishbowl too. The portion sizes here are enough for three, and they have a spacious ambience which fits for a gathering or a party.

Rice Box
14, Narahenpita Road, Nawala.

Rice box is a decent place to get some Thai food, but they compromise a lot on the ambience to the point that we feel takeaway or delivery is the better option here. Their food, however, has a good value for money with the huge portion sizes and the waiting staff seems to know their way around the menu - amidst the delays of delivering the food. 

Jack Tree
200, Park Road, Colombo 5

Their dishes more or less keep in line with the Thai food, but you don’t get a whole lot of authentic Thai flavour here. The seafood options were pretty tasty, and the dessert section held up well too. Even though they land on the pricier side of the spectrum, the calm and quiet ambience wins easy points for them.

Thai Cuisine La Rambla
69 Hotel Road, Mount Lavinia

If you are around Mount Lavinia looking for a private, quiet meal with a friend and some good Thai food, this is the place to be. Although they have a Spanish name with the "La Rambla", the food here is on point with Thai flair. The Boulevard and La Rambla, both of them are managed by the same people - Tasty Caterers. Even though they impressed us with their authentic Thai food and the quality dining experience, they landed on the pricier side of the spectrum.

50/2 Park Street, Colombo 2

Monsoon is not necessarily focused on Thai food but does an excellent take on South-East Asian cooking as a whole. They keep up the competition well with the other fine dining restaurants while offering what only can be said as unpretentious food. They deliver quality Thai food taste among all the food they have, and their service is surprisingly fast and competent. They are not the cheapest out there but offer a good value for money with the overall dining experience.

Wan Ge Di Ya
16, Ward Place, Colombo 07

They serve up street food from eight Asian countries under one roof with a quirky and funny name for Sinhala speaking folks. You can enjoy a decent Thai fare here without being limited to it, and the prices are rather pocket-friendly. Falling in love with the place for its colourful ambience, spacious interior, excellent and friendly service was rather easy. 

OCHA - Thai Cuisine
Station Road, Colombo 04

 If chugging down a mugful of frothy beer along with your pad thai is what you crave for, OCHA - Thai Cuisine is a good option. Their Stir-fried Beef and Basil is a must-try, and the Chicken Pad Thai doesn't disappoint either. 

This is only but a few places we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Thai Food. If you think there are more places we should check out, let us know in the comments. 

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Duminda S

The boulevard is closed or might be under renovation. 2 weeks ago I visited the place and it was not operating.


Lakmali Gunasekara

Nara Thai is such a let down to Thai cuisine as they don’t serve Pork!, not the condiments tray. Flavour wise too don’t think they do any justice to being the best restaurant in Thailand :-(



Absolutely love Nara Thai… Tip: try the set menu available on weekdays



How can Nara Thai be authentic without pork.