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Vegan Dishes in Colombo

We have searched every nook and corner and compiled a list of the best vegan dishes in Colombo.

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While it’s really difficult to find vegan restaurants in town, we have searched every nook and corner and compiled a list of the best vegan dishes in Colombo.

Cafe Kumbuk
3/1 Thambiah Avenue, Independence Ave, Colombo 07

We recommend the Lentil Burger (Rs. 900) which comes with a delicious lentil patty (of caramelized onions, zucchini, mushroom and of course lentil), vegan aioli, avocado and pickled red cabbage which is sure to fill you right up. It also comes with a side of potatos which is more healthy than oily. We also suggest you try the Corn Fusilli pasta (Rs. 900). 

The VoV Coffee Lounge
30/81A Longdon place, Malalasekara Mawatha, Colombo 00700

The VoV Coffee Lounge is the best place for all you vegans to try some deliciously mouthwatering burgers. They source their ingredients both locally and internationally and of course is 100% vegan. We recommend you try the 'Degeneres' (Rs. 400) mock fish burger. It is stacked with three 'fish' steaks, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and slices of avocado with a side of fries and sauce. It is absolutely delicious with strong flavors.

Kumbuk Kitchen
Urban Island, 181 Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha,

We're always impressed with Kumbuk Kitchen's veg-friendly and healthy vibe. For vegans, it's the same. While everything's fresh and organic, we suggest you try the Thai Mango Salad (Rs. 500). You get your money's worth in terms of quality and quantity. 

One Up All Day Breakfast
330, Galle Road, Colombo 4

OneUp is one of our all time favorite brunch spots. Just because you're a vegan, I don't see why you shouldn't enjoy it as well. Do try the Mashed Avocdo sandwich which is their most popular vegan option. They also have Hash Browns, Bircher Muesli, Pancake Kings as vegan. Do not hestitate to ask the waiters for their vegan options, they're very friendly and cooperative. 

Good Life Cafe
3, Sulaiman Terrace, Colombo 05

Their main focus is cold pressed juices but they do have some great smoothie bowls like the Mango Smoothie Bowl (Rs. 500). It was really good and had just the right amount of sweetness and tang. We liked their Power Balls as well (Rs. 50 each). 

65 CWW Kannangara Mawatha (Town Hall), Colombo 7

Upali's the best place for some good vegan rice and curry. Okay so a rice and curry is something you can get anywhere in Colombo. However, at Upali’s, you get to sit down and enjoy your food amongst the great ambience and service as opposed to your normal roadside-joint. Everything’s well prepared and delicious, we recommend the Temperadu Buth (Rs. 230) with a Gotukola Sambolaya (Rs. 250), Karawila Saladaya (Rs. 250) and Pol Sambolaya (Rs. 120) with a side of Parippu (Rs. 250) (tempered rice, a gotukola sambol, bittergourd salad, spicy grated coconut and tempered lentils).

347, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03

For a really good vegan submarine, Subway is your best option. Especially since you get to make your own. We recommend you try the veggie patty (Rs. 420) or the ala patty (Rs. 420) with any veggies of your choice. It will satisfy those random submarine cravings you get, and no innocent animals had to suffer.

Life Food
14, Reid Avenue, Colombo 07

We recommend the Japanese Salad at Life Food. A bit on the pricier side (Rs. 500), their Japanese salad is a fresh garden salad with iceberg lettuce, red lettuce, broccoli, carrots and red radish, and more. If you’re looking for a healthy vegan option we recommend Life Food. There are more vegan salad options and you can just ask not to put cheese for the non-vegan ones.

Smokey's (The Brownie Bar) - Temporarily Closed
1B, College ave, Mount Lavinia.

Smokey's make the most delicious vegan brownies. Try their Chocolate Brownies and you can get 6 huge slices for just Rs. 570. They're soft and chocolatey without being too gooey, you just can't help going for another bite. 

Délicieux (Vegan Home Baker)
22 Old Kesbewa Road, Nugegoda

Délicieux by Manesha Peiris is your friendly vegan home baker. From cakes to brownies to cupcakes, ranging from so many different flavors these vegan goodies will fulfill your cravings. We recommend the Klubnika (Rs. 3000) which is a dark chocolate cake with a strawberry puree filling coated by a double layer of chocolate. 

So there you go. Now you don't have to go through every restaurant menu and look for their vegan options. These places will not disappoint you. If you know any other places do comment below. 

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Old Kesbewa road is close to the bus stand and that is where the rail gate is , right?