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Where To Eat In Colpetty

A list of good places to get your food while in Colpetty.

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Anyone who’s meaning to “visit”  Colombo undoubtedly ends up in Colpetty, or at least makes a pit stop. With sunsets, high rise buildings and shopping complexes, this neighbourhood is bustling with a crowd all day long. Which is why there’s no shortage of eateries here.  From very high-end restaurants to hole-in-the-wall kinda buth kadeys we’re gonna list down (in no particular order) a few places that we think deserve your attention when you are looking to grab something to eat in Colpetty.

Bavarian German Restaurant
No. 11 Galle Face Court 2, Colombo 3


Doing a hearty, meaty and a delicious justice to Deutschland’s cuisine, this is the place to drop by to get your meat on. They serve some pretty good cocktails too. 

Min Han
14, Deanstone Place, Colombo 03

An easy favourite of YAMU for their authentic Chinese food. They probably won’t wow you with their ambience and interior, but will impress you with the food, while not being too heavy on your wallet.

201, Muhandiram's Road, Colombo 03

“Every kind of meat” is kind of their tag line, and alongside that, they offer some of the best rice and curries in town. I personally recall going all the way to Colpetty, just to get a meal from them. You can always see this place buzzing with customers and that's for a good reason. Take away is the recommended option here.

Life Food
31 Perahara Mawatha, Colombo 03

Life Food will impress you with its innovative and delicious food. While they don't have the most spacious ambience, their cosy, and homey interior is quite dreamy.

Yakitori Garden (Nihonbashi)
11 Galle Face Terrace, Colombo 3

Evocating enjoyable Japanese vibes with their bamboo canopy and private dining space, they serve up some exceedingly aspirational, exotic Japanese dishes in the country. They’re not a cheap option but is a must-try place to satisfy your cravings for Japanese fare. 

The Boulevard
No 33, Queens Road, Colombo 03

The Boulevard has come a long way to become one of, if not the best Thai restaurant in Colombo. While they do come at a price, we think that what they offer is well worth it, and a good option for anyone looking to experience some quality, delicious food.

Carnival Ice Cream Parlour
263 Galle Road, Colombo 03

Being a well-known name for ice cream in the Colombo area, Carnival Ice Cream is a place to drop by if you are in the mood for some brain freeze with a multitude of flavours.

Il Gelato (Duplication Road)
R A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo

With a known and reliable name, you can get a wide range of colourful, and well-executed gelato here. Hit this place up on a hot day to cool yourself down.

Sugar Bistro & Wine Bar
89 Galle Road, Crescat Boulevard (adjacent to the Cinnamon Grand Hotel), Kollupitiya

Sugar Bistro & Wine Bar is located right at the entrance to Crescat from the Gall Road. They have a bit of a quirky ambience - overlooking the main road from the outside, while capturing the urban life on the inside. It’s a must try. And while they are expensive, their offerings have a pretty unique zing to it.

Monkeybean Cafe
43, Perahera Mawatha, Colombo 03

Monekybean Cafe with its white brick walls, well-lit tables and neatly arranged wooden chairs gives out a really nice cosy vibe for you to hang out, while sipping your drink. While you might hit or miss the mark with some of the coffee they offer, their Hot Chocolate is simply incredible. With extremely friendly and efficient service, this place is a good spot to make a stop for a quick snack or even a casual date.

The Barefoot Cafe
8th Lane (off Galle Road), Colombo 3

This is an iconic landmark in the area which offers a place to chill, to meet or even to make a friend. They have some of the prettiest ambiences in Colombo with a lot of aesthetic value that pairs well with delicious afternoon snacks. While it’s more geared towards tourists with mixed reviews, this place undoubtedly offers an experience for anyone taking a visit to enjoy the occasional outdoor dining.

Cafe Alfred
No 23, Alfred House Garden, Colombo 03

This cute little place runs by a lovely and inviting Korean couple, offering memorable service and food at a good price. While they don’t have the most spacious setting, it’s adequately enough to grab a morning toast or a quick lunch. We think that it would surely make a fan out of you, as it did to us.

Awanhala (Colpetty)
360, Galle Road, Colombo 03

If you are in the mood for some delicious Lankan food (rice and curry, hoppers, kottu) without leaving a dent in your pocket, Awanhala is a solid option. 

279, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo

Tastea is a tiny new addition to the Duplication Road. They have waffles, sandwiches, wraps, spaghetti and even dumplings. The place is managed by two very friendly Chinese ladies and their main focus is Cheese Tea - which has blown up in popularity in China.

The Mango Tree
82, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 3

Boasting an authentic Indian fare, The Mango Tree offers a wide range of flavourful dishes. This place is more geared towards tourists and falls on the slightly expensive side of things.

The Gallery Café
No. 2, Alfred House Road, Colombo 3.

Coming with really beautiful architecture and furnishing that gives out a colonial vibe, this is a place to enjoy a candlelight dinner or a family meal, albeit at a price.

Bubblelement (Colombo)
The Boulevard, 33 Queen's Road, Colombo 03

This is a place to satisfy your bubble tea needs. They also carry paninis and desserts to enjoy with your drink alongside some funky and incredibly nice decor.

Amaravathi Restaurant
2 Mile Post Ave, Kollupitiya, Colombo 3

Serving up some great dosa, thalis and an excellent biriyani, Amaravathi is a non-vegetarian restaurant located on a narrow street, off Galle Road. One of the best picks for family-style dining.

The Sizzle
32 Walukarama Road, Colombo 3

Keeping true to the name - “Sizzle”, everything Sizzle offers sizzles. The only thing to watch out for is not to get too excited and burn yourself with food.

Sunlight Garden
Abdul Caffoor Mawatha, Colombo 3

Sunlight Garden is a hidden gem of a restaurant in Collepetty that serves up some good Chinese food. They’ve got a simple and clean aesthetic ambience, and it is frequented by Chinese people, further solidifying their authentic food experience.

These are some of the best places we've had the pleasure of knowing during our food adventures. Don't be upset if your favourite place isn't mentioned here - just let us know about it on the comments section. 

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All these are very high end restaurants… if you looking for a budgeted restaurant you can count on "galaxy " restaurant…



The thumbnail of Praneetha is not relevant. It's a typical Sri Lankan take away restaurant. But meals are superb and pricey. If you are looking for Indian food Mango Tree is good. They have delicious Biriyani for a price less than 1000. Amaravathi is also an Indian restaurant but their meals are not worthy and the atmosphere also not that much good. I like to recommend Awanhala if you're looking for a Sri Lankan meal. Their fried rice is the best in the area. And I would like to add Curry Pot to this list which another good SL restaurant near Liberty Bus Stop.