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Where To Eat In Galle

A list of good restaurants in Galle.

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Galle is Sri Lanka's most popular destination for day outs. It's not too far, but it's out of Colombo, and known to be pretty safe. With sun, sand, beach, and ramparts it looks like it straight up came out of a postcard from Old Havana. Meaning, tropically aesthetic backdrops for pictures. 

Anyway, choosing a place to eat here can get a tad stressful, because there are dozens of eateries inside Galle Fort itself. Which is why we decided to compile this list of best restaurants in Galle, which would help you to make up your mind without a hassle (we hope!).  

Galle Fort Hotel
28, Church Street, Galle

With a picture-perfect ambiance, well spiced Sri Lankan food, and contagiously happy staff, Galle Fort Hotel is a tad expensive, but rightly so because they're, in fact, a hotel. In our experience, their breakfast spread was top notch. 

Dumplings Cafe (Galle)
58 Pedlar St, Galle 80000

When in Galle, if you're looking for Dumplings, we suggest going with the Dumpling Cafe. The staff is super friendly, the place can get a bit crowded but the dumplings are delicious. At Rs. 980 for 8 (2 of each variety: beef, veg, chicken and prawn), the dumplings were silky smooth and all in all, some of the best we've had. 

The Tuna & The Crab
Galle Dutch Hospital, Hospital Street, Galle Fort, Galle

Judging by our experience last time, The Tuna & The Crab is a safe bet if you're craving for some sushi in Galle. It's a venture by Dharshan Munidasa, so basically you'll be offered with the best hits from Ministry of Crab and Nihonbashi.

The Bungalow (Galle Fort)
No. 5, Church Cross Street, Galle Fort, Galle

Built on the ruins of an elegant family house, The Bungalow - Galle Fort is an exquisite colonial structure dating back to the 1700s. It's a small, private, beautiful and quirky space that offers up contemporary accommodation and some of the best food we've come across in Galle. The food menu here covers a range of cuisines - from Sri Lankan, Western to Middle-eastern fare, and they seem to nail each and every one of them. 

The Kitchen Galle Fort
No. 104, Pedlar Street 80000 Galle

The Kitchen at Galle Fort is a pretty great restaurant in terms of food, ambience, seating, and location. Their Beef Burger, in particular, was exceptionally good. However, the drinks that we got left us a bit disappointed. Also, if you're an avid watalappan lover, you might want to steer away from their Watalappan Cake too. Leaving those two aside, everything else at The Kitchen was pretty damn good. Thus why it's on this list.

The Bombay Brasserie Restaurant
No 14 Leyn Baan, cross street, Galle

The Bombay Brasserie Restaurant as the name so subtly suggests is an Indian restaurant. While their prices are a tad steep, they had some pretty good food, including some particularly flavorsome Biriyani and Masala Chai.


Calorie Counter (Galle Fort)
56, Lighthouse Street, Galle Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka

While you don't necessarily need to go all the way to Galle to go to Calorie Counter, it's pretty much the best place to get something super healthy there. The menu is pretty much the same thing as the one they have in Colombo, the ambience is much nicer in Galle. Plus, this is one of the relatively less expensive spots there too. 

Boutique Cafe
63 Church Street, Fort, Galle.

With some of the nicest staff we've ever met, Boutique Cafe in the Fort served up some good food at reasonable prices and generous quantities. While the food (like most places in the Fort) wasn't very spicy, they were nice enough to offer up some gravy type accompaniments to make our meal more suited to what we're used to. We'd recommend.

A Minute By Tuk (Galle Dutch Hospital)
Old Hospital Building, Galle Fort, Galle

A Minute by Tuk has been around since 2014, with some great food, a not too heavy (in Galle terms) bill, and offers a gorgeous sea view. We suggest getting their Isso Curry with Roast Paan.

Indian Hut Family Restaurant
No. 55, Rampart Street, Galle

If you're craving some wallet-friendly, totally filling Indian/ Chinese food when in Galle, Indian Hut right up your alley. The ambience isn't necessarily the fanciest, but they have a dish of Butter Chicken to die for. 

Poonie's Kitchen
63, Pedlars Street, Fort, Galle

Poonies Kitchen is a beautiful restaurant hidden behind Mimimango Clothing Boutique. They are well-known for their Carrot Cake, and a bunch of other stuff, including Sudantha's Famous Thai Prawn, Pumpkin & Coconut Soup served with Brown Village Rice. 

New Lane 1, Galle Fort, Galle

Abacate is a tiny eatery in Galle Fort with some of the best pancakes ever. It isn't of the fancy type, but very Sri Lankan, and probably the most wallet-friendly places on this list. If what you're looking for is a small bite to get you going, this is your spot.

9 Church Cross Street, Galle

A slightly fancier member of the list, Fortaleza also happens to be one of the more pricier ones on the list too. Nevertheless, the food at Fortaleza is superb - particularly the Fish and chips. At a hefty Rs. 1850, this stole the show with its crispy batter and buttery pieces of fish. If you do find yourself at Fortaleza, get this - you won't regret it.

Hoppa (Galle Fort)
20, Pedlar Street, Galle

Hoppa, as the name suggests, does hoppers. The thing is, unlike most places that do it only at night, Hoppa does it all day, every day. While their prices are a bit steeper than your average appe, they do some interesting combinations, like Ccurrilicious hopper - a hopper embedded with a handful of fried karapincha. You can pair it with their dynamite katta sambol, pol sambol and seeni sambol, or perhaps even with the Creamy Prawn curry. 

Sugar Bistro Galle Fort
Old Hospital Building, Galle Fort

Sugar Bistro at the Fort is exactly like it's Colombo counterpart in many ways. With practically the same menu and the same cosmopolitan feel in its ambience, we really liked our experience here.  We highly recommend the homemade cinnamon and honey ice cream for all your sweet-tooths. Also, you won't miss out on your Colombo favorites like Steak sandwich and Sugar Daddy. 

Pilgrims Hostel, Restaurant & Pizzeria
6 Sudarmalaya Road, Galle, Sri, Parawa Street, Galle Fort

Pilgrims Hostel, Restaurant, and Pizzeria is an eatery in a corner of the Galle Fort. It's mainly a hostel but does a restaurant on the side which claims to do the best Pizza in Galle. We gave their pizza a shot and it was pretty good. What really stole the show was the Rice and Curry. At a whopping Rs. 550, this plate of goodness was less spicy than what we're used to but so delicious.

There you have it - 17 of the best places in Galle that YAMU recommend. Try them out and let us know how it went. 

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