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Where To Eat In Mount Lavinia

15 places to get some good food and drinks when you are in Mount Lavinia.

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According to various sources, the very name of Mt. Lavinia originated from a love story. To this day, the area is very much popular among tourists and locals alike, for its beach dubbed as “Golden Mile” and for its nightlife. So, it’s no surprise that you can find plenty of places in Mt. Lavinia to fill up on your hunger and thirst. Let’s take a look at a few places that are good - in no particular order. 

Smokey's Cafe
No 1B, College Avenue, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

Smokey’s started as a home bakery making tasty vegan treats, known for their brownies. Now they have stepped up their game by opening up this cafe and everything from service to food to ambience is excellent. Their classic brownie and chocolate-coconut-ice-cream combo left us speechless. In short, you can drop by to enjoy a delightful dessert here for a pocket-friendly price.

Mc Currie (Mount Lavinia)
322E, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia.

Rice & Curry is almost a religion in Sri Lanka, and McCurrie will let you practice it to your heart's content. You get a predetermined rice & curry combo for the day, with a protein of your choice. McCurries is a spice company and thus there's a perfect execution of spices here.

Casserole Restaurant
253, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

Arguably, this is the most popular family restaurant in the area with over a decade’s worth of experience behind it. Their Casserole Special Mixed Grilled Platter was massive which left us filled with protein before we could finish it. The menu here is a mix of Chinese and Western cuisines with guaranteed satisfaction for a get-together with friends or a family lunch out.

No. 31/B, Dakshinarama Road, Mount Lavinia.

Saladgram is a meaningful exception from the usual run-of-the-mill salad offerings with their use of fresh, healthy, and delicious ingredients. Since this is a home-based business, you either have to pick your order up at their address or get your order delivered. The Bean Sprouts and Mamma Mia as being our favourites. 

Sugar Beach
Mount Lavinia Beach, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

This is a well kept, beautiful restaurant that will make you feel as if you’ve stepped down south. The beautiful palm-dotted beach entraps you with the whole chill beach vibe where you can sip on a cup of coffee or enjoy a glass of wine. They’ve got you covered with a pretty extensive menu for brunch, lunch, dinner or coffee. Sugar 75 is their signature cocktail which is spiked with a combination of gin, lime and sparkling wine which is a perfect drink to sip on while enjoying the ocean view. Also, you can have wood-fired thin crust pizza here, even for breakfast.

Subway (Mount Lavinia)
275, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

Whether you’re in a rush or you have time to tailor your needs, this is the place to grab a tasty sandwich if ever you happen to be in the area. We remember them delivering on their motto “Eat Fresh” and keeping everything convenient and up to the standards. You won't find anything surprising you here, and the staff was rather friendly as well as helpful. We think you will be able to enjoy a reliable submarine at this outlet.

The RoadHouse
Hotel RoadMount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

RoadHouse is essentially tasty kottu on wheels. They only have a few offerings on their menu, but that has made them focus and do well on every single item. The Nai Miris chicken kottu keeps true to name by punching you with spiciness while the chilli beef kottu is an excellent mix of flavours with succulent beef cubes. They have a few more different variants to choose from like egg n' cheese, chicken n' cheese and devilled chicken kottu. Be it for a roadside picnic or to pick up a damn good kottu for dinner, you won't go wrong with RoadHouse.

The Shore By O!
College Avenue, Mount Lavinia

As far as the beach bars go, this place is probably the most popular on Dehiwala-Mt. Lavinia stretch. They have a beautiful view of the ocean with a good outdoor seating area where you can easily catch the sunset if you drop by on time. Their service can be a bit of a hit or miss mainly depending on where you are seated. As for cocktails, the Pol Adi is an unorthodox concoction of arrack, stout, orange and passionfruit which works beautifully together. Also, for bites, their beer marinated Hot Buttered Cuttlefish won a spot in our Top 10 HBC no less. They won’t break your bank and coupled with the great location, and we are positive you can enjoy your time at Shore by O!

Big Bite (Mount Lavinia)
485 Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

They make a damn good Pakistani biriyani that goes well with their bbq chicken. Among the spots that relate to the Big Bite name or use the same name, Big Bite at Mt. wins the top spot. The massive portion sizes at the affordable prices are hard to pass up while the bbq chicken was simply phenomenal. Even if the bbq chicken biriyani cost a bit more than the usual, it is well worth it. They have a small space for dining in but most people stick to take away, which we advise as well.

Thai Cuisine La Rambla
69 Hotel Road, Mount Lavinia

If you are around Mount Lavinia looking for a private, quiet meal with a friend and some good Thai food, this is the place to be. Even though they impressed with their authentic Thai food and the quality dining experience, it’s better if you ready yourself to feel your wallet lose weight. 

JoJo's Place
43/6A De Alwis Ave, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

JoJo’s won’t win awards for the charming ambience except for the outdoor seating/ beach area.  Seating arrangements are pretty basic with nothing fancy, but their staff was delightfully helpful. They have your usual seaside Chinese restaurant/ bar fare with a few soups, salads, few types of meat, seafood and liquor. You can also BYOB with a corkage fee. As we recall, they whip up a dish of commendable fried rice with enough portion size to fill two to the brim. However, their HBC was nothing short of magnificent. 

Toby's Estate
Galle Road, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

This is an international franchise from the land down under and is best known in Colombo as a coffee shop, even though they have dine-in. The Car-Lee-Chee came with basmati rice, veggies, papadam alongside a coconut curry with the shrimp and squid, which was noteworthy for its flavour. We liked Toby’s Estate for their service and chill, classy vibe. It’s a good hangout for a cup of coffee with friends, but they do the land of the pricer side of the things. 

Arthur's Pizza
220, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

Now, they are not just a pizza outlet but a pub as well, and they retain their take on the thin crust pizza with interesting toppings. The bacon and egg pizza wins an easy recommend, and we hope they improve on their signature pizza - the Chicken Nai Miris. On the cocktail side, Long Island Iced Tea was quite boozy but smooth enough that you could enjoy it and it was well worth the price. Last but not least, the super chocolaty, chocolate biscuit pudding ended up being a delight, especially for the price. The ambience feels intimate with low lights focused on each table and music overhead is electronic giving a bit of edgy vibe. We think that this place is the best fit for a crowd.

Lion Pub
220 Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

This pub is one of Mount Lavinia’s oldest food establishments, and the lion head entrance is a famous landmark. Their food is surprisingly good with generously sized portions and an ambience that’s perfect for a cool Lion lager. They have an outside area to sit and enjoy a bit of breeze with the trees and on inside, you can find one or two enjoying a sports match on the TV. Their fare is your usual Chinese food, and unlike many others, Lion Pub manages to pull it off with a Sri Lankan twist. The place has been a classic for a long time to meet up with friends, and grab some beers and bites.

Mt. Lavinia is not short of places to drop by to get something to fill up on, and it's an ever-growing list too. Let us know through comments if you think there should be more on this list and your thoughts about the list. 

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