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Restaurants That Deliver Dinner Through PickMe Food

21 places that you can order dinner tonight from through PickMe Food.

9 Not-So-Popular International Franchise Restaurants in CMB

This is a list of a few not-so-popular franchise restaurants in Colombo.

7 Weekend Recommendations (August 10th)

Seven places to try out this weekend.

Independent Ice Cream Parlours in Colombo

13 places in Colombo to get your ice cream cravings fixed!

7 Weekend Recommendations (August 3rd)

THE WEEKEND IS NIGH! I'm already hungry, so here's a list of places y'all can go eat at if you have nothing else to do.

7 Weekend Recommendations (July 27th)

Some places you can check out during the long weekend.

7 Weekend Recommendations (July 20th)

A few places to check out this weekend.

7 Weekend Recommendations (July 13th)

7 new places for this weekend!

7 Weekend Recommendations (July 6th)

Check out these places.

Best Veggie Burgers in Colombo

Top 5 places where you can get a delicious, juicy veggie burger to satisfy your taste buds.

7 Weekend Recommendations (June 29th)

Spend your next weekend outing at one of these places.

7 Weekend Recommendations (June 22nd)

Best Submarine Places in Colombo

Best places to try out some delicious submarines.

7 Weekend Recommendations (June 15th)

Try these places on your weekend outing.

7 Weekend Recommendations (May 25th)

A list of places that cater to this cold weather.

7 Weekend Recommendations (May 18th)

If you're looking for a place to relax and enjoy some good food with great company, try one of these places.

5 Newest Cafes in Colombo

All the new cafes in one place!

Dinithi Loves

The places I love to spend all my earnings on.

Best Caterers in Colombo

Best caterers in Colombo. All in one place.

Best Places for a Manicure & Pedicure

Here's a list of places you can visit if you're in dire need of doing your nails.

The Best Cheesecakes in Colombo

Colombo's best cheesecakes.

Best Diabetic Friendly Places

Being a diabetic doesn't mean you should be scared to give into your cravings or never eat out.

Kinita Loves

Places Kinita loves. BIA toilets not included.

Restaurants Serving Ifthar in Colombo 2017

Some of Colombo's popular restaurants that will be serving Ifthar during Ramadan 2017.