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168 Sea Food Palace

8 Sea View Avenue Colombo 3

168 Sea Food Palace is a veteran among Chinese eateries in Colombo and is still hugely popular among locals. They do a decent take on Sri Lankan Chinese with efficient, but the place looks quite run down now.




This place now has Zero ambiance, but the food is still OK
The food however gets quite delayed when they are busy. Although it is called a Seafood Restaurant they have the full range of meat dishes too. The stewards are senior hands and are knowledgeable about the menu.

The menu prices at around Rs 700 to 800 for a small portion, appear to be cheap, but the menu prices are misleading. The bill comes padded with 30% more which includes a 10% charged as Service Charge ! The Labour department should take note and Diners should refuse to pay this 10% charge as it is not being passed on to the service staff. This restaurant pockets this 10%.

They do have alcohol but they also allow you to bring your own bottles without a corkage charge. However they do charge for giving you a bucket of ice. This may be the only restaurant in Colombo charging for a bucket of ice. The sodas and tonics are charged at around Rs 200/- a bottle.

For dessert they only have lychees and ice cream

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