1/2, 201 Kesbewa - Kindelpitiya - Bandaragama Road, Boralesgamuwa

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1979 is a restaurant in Boralesgamuwa that does some good Chinese fare with a Lankan twist.

1979 is no stranger to those of you who live around Boralesgamuwa. We really don't know the story behind its name (probably because it was launched in 1979, IDK), but what we do know is that they excel at pairing up Chinese food to suit the Lankan flavour palette.
They also have a separate establishment for full-on authentic rice and curries. However, in this review, we look at their Chinese restaurant, which seems to be buzzing with the crowd in the afternoon.
Why, you ask?
Because, good food, easy on the wallet, and you can BYOB, of course! 


Our meal here was comprised of Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 640), Pork Stew (Rs. 860) and Hot Butter Cuttlefish (Rs. 860). 

The Chicken Fried Rice was huge. Three people can easily share it. With a sprinkle of eggs, carrots, with a sprinkle of spring onions, the rice was cooked well, not oily, and had a tinge of saltiness to it - which is probably something that comes from a flavour enhancer. However, more chicken could've improved it. Featuring chunks of pork, soaked in a peppery gravy, this Pork Stew is a must try. The gravy was rich with all the tangy goodness squeezed from the pieces of tomato and capsicum, while the pepper spikes up its flavours to another level. There was a lot of meat too, and a few fatty bits, if that's what your heart craves for. 
This one was the undeniable star of our dining experience. I mean, look how gorgeous it is! Massive rings of cuttlefish encased in a thin batter coating with the perfect crisp, and spiced to high heaven - this one can make you cry. It could be because it's spicy as hell, or probably because it causes great happiness to find some good HBC. No one will know, so cry as you like - and that's totally worth it.

They were out of mutton on the day we visited, and we were craving for another curry. Our waiter recommended this Kalupol Pork Curry (Rs. 860), and it delivered. Kalupol is a delicious blend of roast coconut scrapes, and a number of spices (cumin seeds, dried chillis, and mustard seeds etc.). In Lankan culinary fare, it is used to thicken the gravies while adding so much flavour and texture to the dish. 

The Kalupol curry we tried at 1979 was well-executed, and having a good amount of nicely cooked pork pieces made it even better. This one works as a good tapa to go with your beer too. 

Service & Ambience

This restaurant lies on the upper floor of the building, and has a semi-indoor setup. It's not air-conditioned, but the ceiling fans cool down the place, with the help of natural breeze that seeps through the bamboo blinds. 

The service was nice, but a bit slow - they took around 20 - 30 minutes to deliver the food, probably because they had customers coming all afternoon. The staff knows the menu well, so you can ask for recommendations if you don't know what to choose. 


Sometimes, in life, you encounter some of the best food you've had, in the most unexpected places. That's what we feel about 1979, especially regarding their Hot Butter Cuttlefish. Rs. 1000 per head is all you need to survive here.


Try the HBC.


1/2, 201 Kesbewa - Kindelpitiya - Bandaragama Road, Boralesgamuwa


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