7 Tea

7/4, Park Road, Colombo 05

A small resto on Park Road serving up good bubble tea and snacks.

7 Tea is a small, comfy cafe down Park road serving up bubble tea, a bunch of other refreshing beverages and snacks to go with it. 

Food & Drinks

Their menu is not quite extensive but, they have ice teas, bubble teas, milkshakes and frappes in various flavours. We found a few nibbles, like sandwiches and yoghurt as well as sushi that comes under chef specials as well.

In our 7 Tea Bubble Tea Premium (Rs. 490), there was a beautiful layer of tapioca bubbles underneath the glass full of milk and featured a handful of ice cubes on top.

We were told to give a good stir to the drink beforehand to mix the two layers properly to get the flavour. The tea was smooth, milky, had just enough sweetness while the tapioca pearls added the signature funk to it.

Our first sip of this drink wasn't all good - probably because we didn’t mix the drink enough. There was a weird oily flavour to it, which dissipated quickly so, we won't complain. The pudding-like pieces tagging along with the pearls added more texture to the drink. Later we got to know that it was actually American caramel pudding that they use in this drink. Once properly mixed, we realised that it's a refreshing and delicious drink, especially something that can beat this Colombo heat. 

My friend’s go-to drink is Hot Chocolate (Rs. 490), which is something that you won't see on 7 Tea's menu, as they make it only when someone asks for it. The drink looked quite pleasing to the eye and was served warm. However, we didn't like how they've gone overboard with the sugar. So, this will depend on your preference, but they said they are happy to tone it down if requested. 

They had a promo on the toasts, so we opted for two pairs of Peanut Butter Toast (Rs. 250 each pair). We really dig the presentation here - four pieces of bread with a dusting of icing sugar on top, served on a chopping board. The bread was toasted well, to have a good crispy feel throughout, while the generous layer of peanut butter paired quite well with it. Surprisingly it wasn’t too sweet, but it can get so, when you stuff your face with it. 

Our Omelette Panini (Rs. 490) came with a freshly made, hot omelette in the middle of a well-grilled panini. The omelette was cut to stripes and covered every inch of the panini, while the bread had a good crunch to bite on the outside while inside being soft. As a whole, the flavour mix landed on the salty side. Nevertheless, we gobbled it down with the drinks. 

Ambience & Service 

The place is very neat and spacious enough to hold about 10 people or more at once. While it was quite clean, at first it was a bit musty which dissipated quickly as our noses adjusted. 

We were greeted with smiles from the second we walked in and our food came to us without any delay too. The cashier seemed a bit confused as if he’s still figuring things out with the menu, but nothing major. He was however super polite and explained all the promos and answered all the questions we had regarding their food and drinks. 


7 Tea makes enjoyable food and with a bit of polish up here and there, we think they can make it even better. They can certainly include more interesting snacks on the food menu. If you are in the area, needing a bit of refreshment in a comfy setting this is a good place to drop by.


7/4, Park Road, Colombo 05


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