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Al Baik Lanka

Fried-Chicken place at Mt.Lavinia

Do not make the mistake this Al Baik with the franchise, because they have a long way to go to reach that level. From the glimpse of what we were given, we weren't all that impressed, although we did realise that they do have a lot of potential, if only they upped their game a bit. 

The Food

They had a wide variety of food on the menu, but unfortunately, not all of it was available. We went for the Chicken Submarine, Chicken Burger (as they did not have any other items) and also the Nasi Goreng. 

The Chicken Submarine was a tad off, and although they did have a considerable amount of chicken, the filling sort of tasted like a weird seeni sambol, which didn't really was not all that appetising. 

The bun was also not all that fresh and a tad bit dry, and the same could be said of the overall feeling about the burger. The filling of the burger too felt like it didn't really complement each other. The chicken in the burger sort of made up for the rest of the filling though, and one of the reasons we claim that Al Baik Lanka could do better. 

Seeing that our order of the fried chicken couldn't be properly delivered due to the unfortunate fact that they had certain issues that day, we were provided with a complimentary piece of chicken with the Nasi Goreng. 

This chicken looked golden yellow, and the batter tasted, unlike anything we've had before. The chicken was succulent and juicy, and although the crisp outside was heavenly, the inside of the chicken was slightly bland. 

The Nasi Goreng was also slightly bland. The rice itself was slightly dry, but the chunks of chicken were well marinated and had a spicy flavour. The vegetables, although usually it tastes really good when it's semi-raw, we felt was not as fresh, which was not as appetising.

Ambience and Service

The place was clean and pleasant, emanating a cosy atmosphere, and had the food been as great as the service, we would have definitely loved it. The staff were super friendly and courteous, and quite accommodating as well.


Our initial experience at Al Baik Lanka was not great when taking the food into the account, but they certainly are in possession of a great fried-chicken recipe, and if they do properly capitalise on it, will do brilliantly. 

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