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All Saints' Church (Galle)

Church Street, Fort, Galle

  • Open 7:00AM to 6:00PM

The All Saints' Church is a striking feature at the Galle Fort with its gothic columns and roof.

The All Saints' Church in Galle Fort is unmistakable if you're walking around there, with its tall gothic style columns and roof. This Anglican church is a popular tourist attraction for its epic age of 146 years and its well-preserved delicate stained glass work inside.


Fun fact: an engraving outside suggested that before it was a church it was a court house, and that the gallows might have been where the altar now is.

The Space


There is a lot of Burmese teak work all along the pews and the altar, so when the light pours through the windows a very warm effect spreads through the large hall. The beautiful arches are held up by columns that seem very aged and the whole thing gives off a vibe of Victorian Gothic revival.





From the outside the doors have very interesting silver work on them that reminded me of old Irish ornamentation. What with these doors against the arches and the stone work, the outward appearance of the church is pretty striking.


IMG_0011 The view of All Saints from the Galle Fort ramparts

The All Saints' Church is a must-visit if you're in the Galle Fort, for its history from almost two centuries ago and for its distinctive architecture.


They take donations for restoration.


Church Street, Fort, Galle


The church is right next to the Commercial Bank ATM down Church Street, almost directly across from the Maritime Museum.

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Open 7:00AM to 6:00PM

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