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Amaage Restaurant (Point Pedro)

Main Street, Point Pedro

Amaage is probably the largest restaurant in the area. They do decent kottu.

Hopping a bus from Jaffna to Point Pedro, then walking along the coastline is tiring work, especially in the Northern heat. It's possible to get a heatstroke, die of dehydration, or both; so here's a decent, well ventilated space you could go and plonk yourself down at. They have rice and curry, tons of milo, bottled drinks, juices, ice cream, and kottu. Heaven.


We're saying kottu instead of 'food' because that's all I had there, along with copious amounts of Milo and Nescafe packets. 

Peppered with generous amounts of fried chicken, this kottu was different from the everyday Colombo kottu in the way the parata was prepared — this is a much thinner, crispier version. It packed in a crunch, especially with the fried eggs, and fried chicken, along with pan-tossed veggies thrown into the mixture. Despite the thinness, this was enough for two people and was filling to boot. Yum.

Service and Ambience

This is like a larger, more spacious family-restaurant/ saivar kade type space, with identical tables and chairs spread out symmetrically, a fridge on one end, and a ton of foodie merchandise spread out across one wall.

The men running it are super friendly and service is quite fast. They're a bit slack about replacing water used by previous customers, but they got around to it eventually.


Great kottu, good place to unwind after a long excursion along the shoreline. They also have rice and curry, along with a plethora of seafood (this may be a slight exaggeration, but they do have prawns as well as fish). Also, the whole thing (kottu, and about 3 Milos and 3 small juice bottles) cost us about Rs. 550. Super value for money!


Try their icecream sundae concoction.


Main Street, Point Pedro


If you're heading towards Point Pedro's beach, this is just before the junction where the shopping mall is, onto your left.


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Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Seafood Kottu

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