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27 1/1 Gregory's Road, Colombo 7

Ambrosia does baked goodies, but they're not a home baker. They're a company, but the stuff we had was made by a very skilled hand and given the special attention that only home bakers are known to give.

Ambrosia happens to be well known only amongst a tight-knit community of loyal customers. It's located in a quiet neighbourhood at Gregory's Lane in Colombo 07.

The Cupcakes

What boosted their fame is their large variety of cupcakes. From Oreo Cream to Red Velvet, you get to pick and choose what you like. We got a Ganache Cup (Rs. 120), a Strawberry Cupcake (Rs. 140), an Oreo Cream Cupcake (Rs. 180) and a Red Velvet Cupcake (Rs. 180).

  • The Strawberry Cupcake comes with a light pink, cottony base and is stuffed with an actual, juicy strawberry. This made for a delectable bite, but the cream could have been a little tarter. However, it was still better than most boring synthetic strawberry cupcake variations.
  • The Red Velvet Cupcake was great in terms of colour and presentation but not so good once you actually bite into it. For starters, the base didn't seem to have any noticeable flavour. The cream left an odd residue on the tongue and made us feel a little nauseous. We're not sure whether this was because it was an old batch.
  • The Ganache Cup was my favourite. The base was moist, chocolatey and the topping turned out to be a fairly good and thick ganache. A bit reminiscent of fudgy brownies!
  • The Oreo Cupcake is actually tied with the Ganache Cup because it definitely tasted good. The base is a tasty vanilla buttercake base with Oreo biscuit bits embedded into it. The cream tasted like the actual cookie cream so suffice to say, this one's good, too.


They've got an interesting selection of pastries and we tried two of their short-eats just for fun.

The Mutton Roll (Rs. 150) shows promise and is a surefire contender amongst other mutton rolls in the city. It was stuffed with chunks of mutton and a few bits of potato here and there. The shell was light and bready, so this is a good snack if you're looking for something light, yet filling.

Their Chicken Pie (Rs. 120) is a flaky, moreish bite with a lot of chicken filling. Unfortunately, the chicken was a bit bland with no real salt or spice so that left us a bit underwhelmed.

We also got their Passion Fruit Panna Cotta (Rs. 200) which we really liked. This one had a more yoghurt/curd taste to it, unlike your average sweet panna cotta. Along with the topping, it makes for a toothy dessert and is quite the palate cleanser after a midday snack.

Service & Ambience

The interior is plain with cream coloured walls, wooden furniture and dim lighting. There are a couple of tables outside but on a hot afternoon we didn't feel like enjoying the outdoor breeze or lack thereof.

As for their service, we have a poor impression, which was only bolstered by their numerous disappointed YAMU comments (scroll down) and Facebook user reviews. The first thing I asked them as I entered was if they accepted cards. They responded with the affirmative and as we completed our order, we were told that the machine doesn't seem to be working.

This ticked me off a little and it got worse when we were told that there was an ATM 'just 5 metres from here madam.' We then had to walk all the way to the closest ATM. When we got back we were told that 'the machine is working again,' so we had to stop ourselves from tearing our hair out. 
I recommend stopping by at Ambrosia for a quick snack on the go, but nobody should really have to go through this much just to pay for a quick order.


Most of Ambrosia's confections put us in a good mood. If I was in the area I'd try their Chocolate Ganache cupcake, but that's about it. Also, take cash with you.


Their savoury pastries are pretty good. Take cash with you.

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27 1/1 Gregory's Road, Colombo 7


This road is just past the Borella junction and Punchi Theatre.


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The cup cakes are yummy and soft with creamy icing as the topping unlike the sugary cup cakes available in most of the places.





The cup cakes are yummy and soft with creamy icing as the topping unlike the sugary cup cakes available in most of the places.

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