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Lunu Ambula


Lunu Ambula, on Thimbirigasyaya Road, is a buth kade with a rustic feel. Some are decent, others are outstanding.

Priced at below 400 rupees and wrapped in banana leaves, Lunu Ambulla's lunch packets are tasty and affordable.

The Food

We tried five different types of buth packets - Roast Chicken Rice and Curry (Rs 350), Fish Rice and Curry (Rs 220), Cuttlefish Rice and Curry (Rs 350), Chicken Biriyani (Rs 250) and Chicken Fried Rice (Rs 280).

Their curries are mass produced, so most packets have the same curries. The Rice and Curry (Cuttlefish, Fish and Roast Chicken) had pol sambol, mango curry, lots of dhal and kos mallum. Adequately spicy, Lunu Ambulla knows their way through Sri Lankan curries. The tangy mango curry, spicy dhal, and mildly spicy kos mallum made a great combination.

The Roast Chicken Rice and Curry was totally worth buying. For 350 rupees, it comes with a fried chicken leg (thigh+drumstick) and the other Rice and Curry essentials.

A massive turn away from your conventional Chicken Fried Rice and packed with a solid seeni sambol, peppery brinjal curry, well cooked polos and spicy chicken curry, Lunu Ambulla's Chicken Fried Rice surpasses standard expectations. 

This unauthentic, Sri Lankanized biriyani didn't impress. The piece of chicken was small and bony, and the rice just wasn't flavourful. On a scale of one to five, this ranked at two. 

Service and Ambience

It's a little kadey with low stools and table - not the ideal spot if you want to feel like royalty as you drool over the dhal. It's more of a buy-and-leave spot, but they have seating for about 10 people.

There is one man attending to your rice needs, and based on our experience, he's quick and well trained. 


Packed with an elephantine amount of rice in true Lankan style, the food's good, except for their biriyani. It has been around Thimbirigasyaya for years and they have made a name for themselves among affordable buth packet lovers. So, if you're around and in need of lunch, Lunu Ambulla is a reliable option.




Turn into Thimbirigasyaya road and come to the junction to Jawatta Road. Lunu Ambula is right there on the junction under the big tree. It's closer if you come from Highlevel road.


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Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Lamprais Rice And Curry

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