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No.02, De Fonseka Road Colombo 05

Amrith has moved to a new location. The food is still consistent and while they aren't the best in town, they're still a valid option for Indian food.

Amriths down Vajira Road is one of the many Indian restaurants in Colombo. The food won’t blow your mind, but it’ll probably be better than you expect.

The Food

Amriths has been around for a while now and they don’t really look to change much from the norm, sticking to classic Indian preparations. They do the vegetarian dishes justice but it won’t really blow your mind. The prices were actually higher than we expected with cost per head pushing Rs. 1500.

We tried the butter, garlic and shahi naan (Rs. 150 - Rs. 220), with latter being filled with cottage cheese and nuts. These were all quite good with the right texture, good amount of butter and garlic. The shahi was a bit different from the others due to the filling and also a bit spicier.

The butter chicken (Rs. 870) wasn’t satisfactory, especially at that price. The portion was fine but the curry itself was very light, lacked seasoning and could have done with a bit more spice. The chicken was also a bit overcooked so no real plus points.

The mushroom palak (Rs. 525) on the other hand, was very good. This is basically button mushrooms cooked in a spinach sauce with a good mix of herbs and spices. While that doesn’t sound too exciting, the mushrooms were very tender and the sauce itself was creamy and slightly tangy with the flavour of the spinach coming through well.

We also tried the paneer tikka masala (Rs. 770), which is essentially the vegetarian alternative to the popular chicken tikka masala, and after trying the somewhat lackluster butter chicken, this was an improvement. Not much to say about the paneer other than it was creamy with the right consistency. This curry had what the butter chicken lacked which was a good balance of seasoning and kick of chilli.

We were hoping to end on a high note with the kulfi ice cream (Rs. 330), but it ended up making me want to cry. Kulfi is like the best thing India gave the world but this kulfi ice cream was just sad. Frozen solid, lacking flavour and richness.

Ambience & Service

Amriths has the usual pseudo Indian decor with a not so flattering green theme. That being said the place is more spacious than it seems from the outside with plenty of seating with both small and large tables. They've also got this creepy turban dude statue outside that probably scared off more than a few potential customers.

Service was smooth and generally efficient. The waiters were attentive with no nonsense type of attitude which we didn’t mind. Food was a bit slow but there was decent crowd at the time we went.


In short, Amrith has strong vegetarian dishes, along with their naans. The meats aren't bad and they have a good range. We’d advice avoiding the desserts though.


Try the masala chai.


No.02, De Fonseka Road Colombo 05


Right on the corner of Dickmans Road and Havelock Road. Opposite the Police Park.


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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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