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Arabian Knights (Thimbirigasyaya)

210, Thimbirigasyaya Rd, Colombo 5

Arabian Knights has branched out to Thimbirigasyaya.

When it comes to finding middle eastern cuisine in Colombo, Arabian Knights is one of the best and reliable options available. Which is why we were more than happy to come across their newest branch down Thimbirigasyaya. 


In terms of ambience, it gives very little resemblance to things Arabian. But we found the interior to be pretty comfortable in a very mainstream Sri Lankan family restaurant kind of way - from comfortable seating, upright chairs, air conditioning, that kind of thing. 


Arabian Knights has a pretty large menu covering the basics like Hummus to Shawarma and popular Arabic staples and Grilled mains. We decided to go with the Chicken Kabsa (Rs. 640) and the Arabic Beef Shawarma Plate (Rs. 605). 

To those of you who don't know what Kabsa is, it's essentially Arabic Biryani. Served with a giant piece of chicken, we absolutely loved this one.
The Rice itself was a fluffy bed of spiced up goodness. A fusion of a myriad of spices and various other stuff, it was the most physical form of beauty (in a rice dish) I had come across in a long, long time. With a greased up crisp shell and a rather tough inside, the chicken had a good smoky aroma and we were blown away by it. Boosted by the charcoal flavours on the meat, this is the bomb! We'd definitely recommend it. 

Next up, we have the Beef Shawarma. To our surprise, the meat (which came in plenty btw) looked and tasted exactly like chicken.

Wrapped in crispy pita bread, it wasn't doused in veggies, had just the right amount of sauce, and apart from that whole beef-chicken confusion, we liked it. It was no Kabsa, but, it's definitely worth trying out. 

As per Vishvi's recommendation, we decided to go with the Muhalabia (Rs. 450). A milk based pudding originating from the Middle East, we really enjoyed this one. Necessarily Son Papdi in its pudding form, it came in a serving that's perfect to be shared between two people. All in all, if you're looking for something milky and super sweet, we suggest going with this. 


As for drinks, they don't have a bucket load, but they do have enough to get you going. We went with a Lemon Mint Soda (RS. 400) and a Mango Sheikh (Rs. 430). 

*Pictured above - Lemon Mint Soda (left), Mango Sheikh (right)

The Lemon Mint Soda was a wonderful concoction of mint and lime and lots of sugar. While the fizz aspect was lost on us, every other aspect seemed to be on point, so we can't really grumble. 

The Mango Sheikh, on the other hand, was again, a confusion. Yes, it looks like mango with that lovely orange colour but, there was a distinct avocado flavour seeping through it, in a very overpowering way. 


In terms of service, we can't complain. They were kind and attentive throughout, and did not forget to ask us if we had any complaints about our experience. A solid 5/5 for this. 


Much like our frequent visits to their Kollupitiya branch, we liked our experience at this new Arabian Knights. The food was quite good and the service was wonderful. Of course, there were a few tweaks here and there but nothing to grumble about. 


210, Thimbirigasyaya Rd, Colombo 5


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