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Awanhala (Ambepussa)

Kandy Road, Ambepussa.

A pitstop to refresh yourself with a fine cup of tea on your way to Kandy.

Awanhala has been around since the 60s, and it is safe to say that while they do not have the fanciest food, they have kept their standards and earned their name as the most common resthouse people who travel on Kandy Road choose to refresh themselves. As soon as you pass Perera & Sons, it is right at the bend on Ambepussa on Kandy Road, to your right.

The Food

They have buffets, short-eats, and local sweets. It is not a lot, but with a warm cup of tea, they pair quite nicely. 

Their breakfast buffet is Rs. 590, lunch and dinner at Rs. 650 per person. We weren't looking for a heavy meal so we settled for some short-eats. I have tried the food here and it's pretty good. Certainly not the best rice and curry, but it fills you up.

  • The Sausage Bun (Rs. 60) tasted decent but could have used a few minutes on the microwave because the bun was really dry. 
  • The Fish Bun (Rs. 60) was a tad salty but it was still delicious. The filling was fresh and flavorful. The bread was sweet, light and fluffy.
  • The Wadei (Rs. 50) was my favorite! I'm a sucker for parippu wadeis and this certainly satisfied those taste buds. It was crunchy and delicious with perfect seasoning on the filling. I wish it was a bit spicier but either way, I enjoyed it. It was massive for 50 bucks, totally worth it.

We wanted something sweet so we went for a Thala Bole (Rs. 50) which is a great snack to have with your tea. It was really good with that strong treacle and coconutty taste. The sesame seeds elevated the flavors and gave it a nice crunch. We highly recommend it, it was delicious. 

The Helape (Rs. 50) was not the best I have had, because it tasted a little dry, but was decent. There was a strong taste of ragi (kurakkan) flour along with a sweet coconutty taste. It would have tasted better had it been freshly made. 

The Drinks

They have tea, coffee, fresh juices and soft drinks on their menu but if you're ever in Awanhala, the best option is to go for a tea, because they do a mean cup of tea.

A cup of Milk Tea is Rs. 80 here and it is served with a pot of sugar. The strong tea aroma was instant. It was delicious with a thick texture and succulent flavors. They special order their tea from Mabroc which explains the richness of the tea. A nice, warm cup of this is just what you need to refresh yourself. 

Service and Ambiance

Their service is efficient, friendly and courteous. The place isn't always crowded, but it is busy. Therefore, the fact that our food was served on time was much appreciated. 

The place huge with more than enough tables and chairs to host large parties. It's very clean, spacious and simple. They have a small liquor store at the far end of the restaurant. The bathrooms are clean and well maintained. 


I have been here quite a few times, and I can safely say they have managed to keep their standards quite well. It's a familiar place to stretch your legs and enjoy a cup of tea after a long drive.


Always go for the tea. They do it right.


Kandy Road, Ambepussa.


It's right at the bend in the road in Ambepussa, right after Perera and Sons.



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Open until 10:00 PM


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Rice Rice And Curry Coffee Tea

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