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B for Burgers

S. De S. Jayasinghe Mawatha, Nugegoda

A street-side burger joint located inside a quirky container box.

Tucked away in a quirky container box, B for Burgers at Nugegoda is a new streetside stall dedicated to making, as the name implies, burgers. They’re not glamorous, but it’s still an acceptable option to sink your teeth into a good burger while you’re in the area.

Food & Drinks

B for Burgers offers three types of burgers, value, premium and chef’s special. If that doesn’t interest you, they also do hot dogs and submarines. Although, they don’t offer a wide variety of proteins, it's just chicken and fish.

We tried the Tandoori Chicken Burger (Rs. 500), which did not have the proper tandoori taste that we craved for. The significant bright red colour of the tandoori couldn’t be found in this, let alone its taste.

It didn’t have a patty, but it was generously stuffed with perfectly grilled BBQ chicken, heaps of veggies, and a good deal of tomato sauce and cheese. The bun itself was pretty good; soft, and inviting with a tinge of sweetness.

The Hot Tower (Rs. 680), which comes under their premium range of burgers was comparably good in terms of flavor, with a large crispy chicken patty to boot. The crust of the meat was less chunky, crispy and very light. It also had a good amount of grilled chicken sitting on a blend of fresh lettuce, tomato and onions.

Topped with a slice of cheese, this one had a particularly spicy kick that comes from the peri peri sauce and capsicum.

We also tried their Chili Chicken Submarine (Rs. 520), and it was incredibly messy in terms of presentation, but delicious. It comes with chicken (the same grilled chicken that were in the other two dishes), cheese, crunchy lettuce, onion and tomato, tossed in chili sauce, folded in between a nicely grilled, slightly sweet bun with a few crispy edges here and there.

However, the abundance of sauce kinda overpowered the charred taste of the chicken and the flavors of all the other ingredients. 

All of their burgers and submarines are served with fries on the side, which were crispy but slightly overcooked.

As for drinks, we got the Iced Milo (Rs.280), which was quite alright. While the milo flavor wasn't strong enough, it was blended well, refreshing and good enough to gobble down our heavy meal. 

Ambience & Service

B for Burgers caters to both indoor and outdoor dining. The indoor dining option rests in a container box along with an open kitchen, and the place itself is enough to accomodate around 12 -15 customers at a time.

They've setup fans on the walls, so it's not warm as one would think, but the most annoying part was the flies. There were so many flying around, and we had to take time to chase them away for the whole time we were there. Therefore, we suggest that take-out option is more convinient. 

There's nothing to complain about their service. It was prompt, friendly and efficient. We got our food served within around 15 minutes.


All in all, B for Burgers is a good place to grab a snack if you're in the area. While their offerings might not be the best, it's still a better option than the other fast food chains around.


Try the Hot Tower burger.


S. De S. Jayasinghe Mawatha, Nugegoda


It's right at the opposite side of Kohuwala Dinemore.


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Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Burgers Submarines

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