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No 62, Havelock Road, Colombo.

Easily the best French bakery in town. Their bread is fantastic! is the place in Colombo to find top-quality baguettes and other baked delights. They now have their own cafe on Havelock Road, next to Hercules Tailors.

The Food

Aside from the variety of homemade French bread, they have heaps of baked goodies like tarts, quiches, eclairs, croissants, and pastries. 

The Vegetable Quiche (Rs. 300) was fresh, fluffy and succulent. It was baked perfectly and seasoned all the way from the gold layer on top to the buttery base on the bottom. It's well worth the price and filling. 

The Turkey Tartine (Rs. 400) will fill you up right away, and happily. The bread was rich and delicious in itself but add in a generous layer of mozzarella and turkey, and you've got an all round chewy treat. 

The Chocolate Croissant (Rs. 300) was delicious and the pastry itself was nice and warm. The chocolate inside was spread out evenly so there was a mouthful of chocolate in each bite.

The Raspberry Macaron (Rs. 150) was needless to say, still one of the best we have had. It was so good, we highly recommend you try one of their Macaron Boxes (Rs. 800). It's worth it.

The Gressane Almond Tart (Rs. 250) was another favorite. With a generous layer of almond slices and a dusting of sugar, it was delightful.

Last but definitely not least, the Sacher Torte (Rs. 450) was a party in our mouth. It was just like when Joey (from Friends) says, "uh oh" after having a tiny bite. The torte was superb. It was moist and chocolatey with a hint of raspberry. Not just the flavor, there were bits of raspberry inside. It was so good! We highly recommend this. 

They also have a variety of bread, jam, and tea for purchase.

Not to mention their selection of cured meats (salami, pancetta, prosciutto etc) as well as a whole variety of cheeses from France and Italy. 

The Drinks

They teas and coffee, however, are pretty much average. 

The Cappuccino (Rs. 350) did not deliver. There was a mild coffee aroma that was almost nonexistent. It wasn't milky either and the ratio was certainly off.

The Macchiato (Rs. 300) however, was excellent. The strong espresso taste would sure to give you that morning kick.

Service and Ambience

Their service is friendly, efficient and helpful. Our food was served immediately along with the coffee. There were only about 3 people manning the cafe but they were attentive enough that we did not find ourselves waiting for the staff.


Baguette's new outlet is a welcome addition to Colombo. It's a classic French bakery in a city that needed one. It's a great place for supplies like bread and meats, but also a tasty place for prepared goods like quiches and sweets. We recommend.


Get your baguettes and sourdough from here. Also, their dessert range might look appetising, but don't skimp on the savouries!


No 62, Havelock Road, Colombo.


Inside Pho Vietnam.


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Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Cookies Cakes Pies Bready Coffee

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