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Baker Street

137/2 S De S. Jayasinghe Mawatha, Nugegoda

  • Closed right now

A commercial kitchen in Nugegoda that does a good fried rice.

A commercial kitchen in Nugegoda, Baker Street is all about crafting up some delicious street eats - burgers, subs, rice and the likes. As of now, they're catering to takeaway and delivery orders, but also planning to open a dine-in space in the future. 

The Food

Most of their goodies are chicken-centric, but they also have a couple of seafood options on the menu.

This is our starter, a portion of Super Crispy Chicken Tenders (Rs. 590). Super crispy and tender as promised, it featured five pieces of chicken strips. The batter they were encased in was light and had a simple seasoning. 

You can pair this up with their Garlic Mayo sauce, and the spicy BBQ sauce for more flavour. 
We ordered the Grilled Chicken Burger (Rs. 780) with a side of French Fries (Rs. 120).

Let's start with the good bits, shall we? It had a nicely seasoned fillet of well-grilled chicken, two layers of good quality cheddar, and a beautifully fried egg. Underneath all that, there was a bed of veggies - onions, red and white cabbage.

What we didn't like about this burger, is the abundance of mayonnaise. It was quite a lot, which in fact, sogged up the whole bread. Plus, it tended to hold back all the flavours of the elements at play. 

On the other hand, we'd have preferred a bigger chicken fillet too, as the egg seemed a bit dominant. 

We enjoyed the fries. Dusted with salt, they were wonderfully crispy. 

This Yangzhou Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 450) was definitely a hit. Rich with bits of fried chicken, it was plentiful with bits of egg, carrots, leeks and spring onions too. There was a hint of garlic seeping through, and a lot of wok-breath.

They offer a very good portion for the said price - it's easily enough for two.


We absolutely recommend Baker Street for their delish fried rice, and with a bit of tweak, they can easily amp up the burgers too. For orders, give a call to 0112 818 244, pop a message to their Facebook or simply check your PickMe Food radius. The full menu can be accessed via

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