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Bakes By Bella

26, Col. T G Jayawardena Mawatha, Colombo 03

Bakes by Bella has come a long way, from starting off as a little home baker to now having a full-blown delicatessen in Colpetty.

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BBB is a pretty nice place to hangout however in my opinion is a bit overrated.
Yesterday I went there with 3 of my friends and we were pretty lucky cuz the couch in the corner was free. I just love it there. You could hangout at BBB for hours and not get bored cuz of the book rack in the corner. A smart move considering that the customers wouldn't get that pissed when their orders arrive late cuz there's plenty of stuff to distract yourselves with.
We ordered just three cakeshakes (Nutella, Fudge Brownie, Red Velvet) and a Banana Smoothie but they took over half an hour to serve the order. The Red Velvet arrived even later and I actually thought for a moment they forgot all about us. Considering that it wasn't even a rush hour, I would give 1/5 for service.
Banana Smoothie was pretty basic and I wouldn't recommend it to any one.
Fudge brownie and the Nutella aren't great either but you could try them just for the experience. You don't find cakeshakes everywhere ;)
The taste of the Red Velvet #myfav though never disappoints me. This, I highly recommend.
All in all BBB is a chill spot to hangout. Definitely go there if you haven't been but mind you just don't go in with the highest of expectations. It IS kinda overrated.

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26, Col. T G Jayawardena Mawatha, Colombo 03


It's a bit of a maze, but head on into Alfred House Avenue and they're on the left side of the main lane.



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