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8, Alfred house avenue, Colombo 3

Bakes by Bella has come a long way, from starting off as a little home baker to now having a full-blown delicatessen at Alfred House Avenue. They serve up a fantastic brunch menu in addition to a bunch of new treats up for grabs.

With a horde of loyal supporters (adorably called Bella's Cuties) pushing them towards success, Bakes by Bella has now established themselves as a cult favourite when it comes to sweet treats, be it a shake or a jar of delicious, gooey goodness. To top it off, they now serve up a fantastic brunch meal so if you didn't have a sweet tooth, you now have a reason to go check it out.

The Food

So their new brunch menu includes soups, a decent waffle platter, salads and bagels. We got ourselves a giant bowl of Mushroom Soup (Rs. 600), a portion of the Eggs Benedict on Waffles (Rs. 900) with Salmon as an add-on (which costs an extra Rs. 500) and a Seafood Salad (Rs. 900). The bagels weren't available when we visited, which was a pity.

Consisting of three different types of mushrooms, the Mushroom Soup was an absolute delight. The texture is slightly grainy and bursting with flavour thanks to the excellent balance of salt and other seasonings. It's basically a meal in a bowl thanks to the enormous portion which we found difficult to finish. Definitely worth it at the price, and a must try if you're looking for something filling and simple.

The Seafood Salad however, was more of a deconstructed salad and having never really understood the purpose of a deconstructed salad I found it rather underwhelming. However, the fish was appetising and while the prawns weren't fabulous, the sharp taste of the sauce balanced them out adequately. The cuttlefish was also presented fresh and steamed so make sure you mix it all in the sauce before consumption. It's understandable that these elements were left fresh and natural without any added spice going on, so for the more health conscious folks this would be an okay dish to try.

The brunch platter was the best of them all. Served atop three large waffles and basking in a citrussy-mayonnaise were two perfectly well-poached eggs. The yolk wasn't too runny, nor was it overcooked and they cut like melted butter. There's an artfully placed line of pol sambol that you can mix in if you want that added spice kick. 

The salmon was placed in little rosettes along with the rest of the dish and as expected they were fresh, with a texture that melts in the mouth and seasoned to perfection. I absolutely recommend you try the salmon at an additional Rs. 500 with your brunch platter if you're interested.

Drinks & Dessert

It would be sacrilegious if we were to leave without actually trying the desserts so we decided to abandon our waistlines and go with a Fudge Crinkle (Rs. 35), a jar of Butterscotch Panna Cotta (Rs. 550), a Cappuccino (Rs. 480) and the Red Velvet Cake Shake (Rs. 750).

The Fudge Crinkle was a little fudgie cookie dusted generously with confectioner's sugar that deftly fools the eyes because once you bite into it it's like downing a shot of pure chocolate. A bit too much chocolate for me, but for the chocoholics this would a delectable little treat.

Bakes by Bella are known for their infamous jars and have received a voracious amount of praise since they first starting dishing them out. The Butterscotch Panna Cotta jar however, didn't really bedazzle us as much as the Brownies and Cream. While balancing a rather subtle butterscotch flavour, the pannacotta was runnier than I would have liked it.

We were pretty excited for the Cappuccino because we heard tell of their interesting coffee art. As promised we got a little doodle drizzled atop the foam of a couple's kiss. Disgusting if you ask me, but Kinita enjoyed it (Ed Note: It was very cute and Sarah is a Valentines' humbug. Also it was a same-sex couple so we were impressed. Equality one caffeinated beverage at a time?). The coffee itself (local Soul Coffee) was smooth as opposed to your strong, everyday cappuccino hit, so I would recommend you get this as an accompaniment to whatever dessert you're having.

The winner is, of course, the Red Velvet Cake Shake served in a tall glass with a healthy dollop of cream cheese frosting and red velvet cake bits. It's basically a blended cake concoction. Deliciously sweet and moreish this is one of the more sinful desserts you have no choice but to indulge in thanks to an addictive combination of ingredients. 

Ambience & Service

While most cafes usually favour a highly saturated ambience with multiple tones of yellow and beige, the interior at BBB is refreshingly different thanks to their cool colour theme. With tonal blue, grey and dull white accents they've opted for a calmer scheme which actually makes for a rather chilled out experience. There's a couple of cushioned blue chairs along with seating areas by the front glass windows in addition to quirky bits of decor like the tiled counter and an interesting collection of books. Also 'Bella' is very keen on any type of fan art whatsoever, so do send her your artwork if you have any and she'll turn it into a coaster if you're lucky.

The staff were friendly and efficient in terms of service and employed a more casual approach rather than the usual strict code of conduct which makes the whole experience a lot more warm and friendly. (Ed Note 2: They were also very nice to us when we spilled in a drink in an Instagram-driven flurry of activity). They also know their way around the menu so just ask if you're lost amongst the many, many choices you could make.


BBB shows no signs of slowing down as they continue to welcome fans of all ages by the dozens every day. Drop in for a nice têtê-a-têtê session with the squad and satisfy your sweet tooth.


Try their cake shakes, you're in for a (very filling) treat.

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8, Alfred house avenue, Colombo 3


It's a bit of a maze, but head on into Alfred House Avenue and they're on the left side of the main lane.



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what time do they open?? cuz i honestly cant remember





what time do they open?? cuz i honestly cant remember





Bakes by Bella - The Best in Town





Foodwise, the "Chicken of the Sea" (Rs 750) that was described as smoked salmon, rocket leaves and cream cheese, also featured onions, tomatoes and cucumber. The unnecessary ingredients took away from the smoked salmon, despite the generous amount. I pulled them out and ate it, so. Shape.

Ambience unwise, the inspiration quote tiles were a bit noisy in all their peppy positivity, and the music was dece but totally out of place. I somehow imagined this would be the type of place that would play Ed Sheeran.

Service wise they seemed alright. The waiter asked how the food was after, I just wished he had mentioned the onions when I placed the order.





not sure if it was just for us, but the waffles had no taste

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