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Balaji Dosa (Kirulapone)

77, Taxila place, Colombo 6

The Colombo branch of the popular local dosa chain.

My first encounter with Balaji Dosa happened in Kandy. It was a gloomy afternoon, and I was looking for some affordable grub. After taking a stroll down D.S Senanayake Mawatha, there it was, right next to Queens Hotel.
Balaji Dosa is your average dosa kadey, with regular South Indian-style dosas and fusionised ones. They're more of a local dosa franchise, really, with 5 branches around the country. The most recent one is now open in Kirulapone. 


The Cheese Masala Dosa (Rs. 550) was crispy, and had a savoury potato filling in the middle, along with quite a bit of mozzarella. It tasted good with the spicy red coconut chutney, well-curried up chickpeas and milky dal curry. 

The Poori Set (Rs. 150) included two pooris, and the same chickpea curry, red coconut chutney, and potato keema. We have no complaints about the pooris; they were crispy and fresh, but the potato keema lacked the depth of flavour. It was quite dry in texture too. 

The Kara Dosa (Rs. 300) was the saving grace of our meal. A crispy dosa slathered so generously with kara chutney, it was spicy, garlicky and had a hint of lime. 

We also tried some Ulundu Vada (Rs. 70) which tasted like wheat flour, more than anything else. 


Priced at Rs. 120, this Sweet Lassi was watered down to the point that you hardly get the curd flavour. 

The Masala Chai (Rs. 100) followed suit. Watered down, with a slight kahata kick, and no spices or masala taste to boot.

Ambience & Service 

The usual saivar kadey setting can be seen here, with ceramic-topped tables and steel chairs. Pretty basic, but gets the job done. 

In terms of service, it was all right. They can get a bit confused when handling a big order, so you might have to repeat it a couple of times. 


Balaji Dosa can certainly work on their flavours, but if you're looking for some budget-friendly, South Indian-style meals in the area, this serves as an option. 

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