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No 109, Galle Road, Dehiwala South Dehiwala makes beanbags that are generally more affordable than at your average store, in a range of shapes. They also do custom orders.

Adil Abdulla created to cater to all our bean bag needs (somewhat obvious, no?) no matter the shape or size.  

Whilst the showroom is small, they boast of a large customer base with all the added benefits of islandwide delivery and lifetime warranties. 
At the showroom, you can while away the hours by sitting on these beanbags if you've got nothing else to do. They don't mind. 

The Chairs

They offer a wide range of chairs and footrests for any type of use varying from indoor footrests to beach chairs.

Their normal cloth and leather bean bags (Rs.6,000-9,000) make for comfortable seating options. I decided to test them out a bit and they seemed to adjust perfectly to the shape of my back. 

If you have back issues, sitting on a bean bag isn't advisable in the least. But from what I gathered these do a pretty good job of fitting right along the curve of my spine, so if I had to sit on these as during an emergency, I wouldn't mind.

Maintenance is quite easy, too. The normal cloth chairs come with a waterproof inner cover so if you get the outer cover dirty you're just one tumble-dry away from restoring the bean bag to its former glory. 
Also, if you feel like the bags are slowly losing their shape then the folks at recommend that you simply stuff them with styrofoam balls that are easily accessible at Arpico Supercentre or at Pettah.

The leather chairs weren’t sticky due to the special material used (they ARE subject to change to due to environmental conditions, however) and they too were nice and cozy.

They aren't as spongey as the cloth chairs but nonetheless they proved to be quite comfortable as well.  Kudos to the design and ergonomics behind these chairs!

They even have a specialized set of outdoor deck loungers made of wood which are apparently already available all over the island due to its popularity. While they don’t have a rich finish they're sturdy and well suited to do the job.

And what’s more? With a 5 year warranty for outdoor furniture and lifetime warranty for other bean bags, you can be at peace of mind and not stress about paying so much for a seat with styrofoam balls stuck in it. 

Final thoughts..

Say goodbye to your old fold-out chairs because I feel like these bean bags serve both the purposes of a chair (obviously) as well as a pillow.

Sri Lanka manufactures a lot of things and this has been added to that list since 2012 and we sure hope the bean bag hype doesn’t die down soon! (Even if it does, like the people at say, just load it up with some more styrofoam balls)


No 109, Galle Road, Dehiwala South Dehiwala


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Scammers. Do not do business with them under any circumstances





Scammers. Do not do business with them under any circumstances

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