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Bee Beach

93/1 Palagathure West, Poruthota Road, Negombo.

  • Closed right now

One of the beach-side restos dotting Poruthota Road in Negombo. Bad service, great Hot Butter Cuttlefish.

Bee Beach is a lowkey little beachside restaurant offering Negombo classics — pizza, seafood, and alcohol. They haven't got any online presence, and service moved at a snail's pace when we dropped in the evening, and their only saving grace is their HBC.

Food and Drinks

My friend started off with a Gin and Tonic (Rs. 750), which came in the wrong glass and also had way too much lime, I was told. I ordered a Shirley Temple (Rs. 500), a concoction of grenadine, lime, and ginger ale. It wasn't too great tbh, very fizzy and overly sweet. The drinks took about 15-20 minutes to get to the table as well, so we weren't thrilled when it wasn't good in the end.

Another long wait later, during which we watched druncles milling around, our hot butter cuttlefish finally arrived.

It was amazing.

It was sharp and crispy, piping hot, and had incredible flavour. We didn't get a strong aji no moto after taste, and it wasn't doused in greens and onions either, with there being a generous portion of cuttle fish.

This is definitely their saving grace, and was well worth the 800 bucks it cost us.

Service and Ambience

The waitstaff take the whole chilled-out-islander-vibe a bit too seriously and were wayyy too chilled out to the point of almost failing at their jobs. Getting their attention was exercise in itself, as they sat around on a table at the front and were chatting each other up, and then getting our food and drinks was a whole new wait, where we vacillated between starving and completely losing our appetites. We did think of leaving a couple of times, but we'd already placed the order and they kept saying it'd be done soon whenever we checked up.

The place is basic, a bit run down and had a few flies here and there, but you can't go wrong when the view's facing the sea.


We'd recommend this place for one of the best HBCs we've tasted, but not the lethargic service or mediocre drinks.


We were told that it's much better at night, so maybe go then?


93/1 Palagathure West, Poruthota Road, Negombo.


Turn into Poruthota Road and drive straight north, it's onto your left.

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