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Bellissimo Cafe

No 15, Fife Road, Colombo 05

With a cozy peaceful atmosphere, it's a great place to have some coffee and get some work done.

Havelock Town has a lot of coffee shops and restaurants already, but there's still more popping up every few months. Bellissimo on Fife Road is your go-to place for some fine burgers and delicious coffee. Vishvi and I dropped by for a late lunch and walked out quite happy.

The Food

We started with the Veggie Burger (Rs. 750), which was simply amazing! I normally don't go for burgers because you rarely get to enjoy a good veggie burger here, and most of the ones I've tried are simply just tasteless. This one though!

The burger was massive with a fried egg, a huge soya patty with lots of melted cheese, a few jalapenos, tomatoes and salad leaves. It came with a side salad and potato chips. The egg was cooked perfectly which isn't a huge accomplishment, but still good. The bun itself was so soft and inviting. The patty was the real winner, as it was big, juicy and delicious. The salad was fresh but the chips were too soggy and oily.

We also got the Penne Pasta with Basil Pesto (Rs. 600). The portion was so big we couldn't finish it. The pasta was cooked well and the pesto superb, but we wished it had more cheese. 

The Brownie (Rs. 250) we got was a sad excuse for a dessert. It was at least 3 days old, with crumbs falling off like a biscuit. It didn't have the gooey chocolatey taste you'd expect from a brownie.

The funny thing is, it was right there on the counter all wrapped up and I said I'll just take it but the cashier insisted she'd bring it to us all heated up and nice but all we got was the same wrapped brownie on a plate.

The Drinks

For drinks, we got a Hazelnut Latte (Rs. 420) which arrived at just the right temperature. The latte was the perfect choice on a rainy day with strong flavors and the perfect consistency. We could only taste the hazelnut in the foam, but that's just us grasping for straws. 

We also got the Choco Chip Coffee (Rs. 450). It was my favourite of the two, with rich and creamy flavours. It tasted more of a shake than a coffee, with an abundance of whipped cream and chocolate chips but if that's your taste, you'd be really happy. 

Service & Ambience

The place was too gloomy for my taste.  There was very little wall art and decor, and while it might've looked better in a place that has more natural light, it only made things drearier here. 

The service could be improved. A few of the staff seemed inexperienced and inefficient but with time, I hope they would get better. 


The prices are kinda steep but I would say the burger is worth it, especially considering how succulent the patty was. The coffee is definitely worth a visit too, but I'd advise you to stay away from the dessert!


The Veggie Burger is the bomb!


No 15, Fife Road, Colombo 05


Pass Giovanni's and turn right onto Fire Road. Coming down the road, it will be on your right, opposite Hansa Coffee.


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Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Pasta Vegetarian Burgers Coffee Iced Coffee


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